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Tattoo Removal Procedures


It's not such a scarey thing!


How Much is it?

The cost depends on the size of the tattoo. Pricing can start anywhere from $100 per session for a small tattoo and increases based on the surface area that the tattoo covers. It usually takes about 6-8 sessions depending on the quality of the ink, 8-10 weeks apart for complete removal. Colored tattoos may need more sessions, which again depend on the quality of the ink. Again check with your chosen professional before you begin on the cost related to your procedure for laser tattoo removal.

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Is Tattoo Removal Right for You?

At Tattoo Lou’s, your artist may recommend laser tattoo removal before they start your cover up because they want you to have the best tattoo experience possible, and lightening your old tattoo via laser tattoo removal before you get your cover-up done gives you so many more options for your new ink!

Your artist wants to make sure that you’re completely satisfied during the tattoo process, and so it’s easier, as an artist can attest, to start with a clean (or, in this case, cleaner slate). It is far easier to cover-up a lightened tattoo than a dark, old one.

Tattoo Lou’s understands the process of laser tattoo removal because we understand the inks at a molecular level. We know how the lasers used in your procedure will break down the ink, and because of this knowledge we can ascertain whether your old tattoo would benefit from a laser removal, to make your cover up session a success. Below are answers to a few questions regarding laser tattoo removal:

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Removal

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Safe yet powerful lasers shoot single wave length beams of light that pass harmlessly through your layers of skin until they reach the ink in your tattoo. These beams of light break down larger ink particles into smaller ink particles, which can be now processed by your body's natural cleansing mechanisms and removed.


How Do I Find Someone Reputable to do Laser Tattoo Removal?

To have a tattoo removed, you want to make sure you find a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgery center to ensure proper treatment and care. If possible, you should obtain a recommendation from your family doctor for a dermatologist or skin surgery center that specializes in tattoo removal.

If someone I know has a laser, can they remove my tattoo for me?

NO! – there is a proper combination of experience, equipment, and technique that is crucial to not only your safety but the effectiveness of your laser tattoo removal. Every removal is a sophisticated procedure, and all tattoos and people react differently to treatment. It is best performed by a professional.

How many treatments will I need to removal my tattoo?

Multiple treatments are necessary to fully remove your tattoo, and the number is dependent upon many things, including color but not necessarily size. Treatments are separated in time from a minimum of six to eight weeks to a few months, depending on your tattoo.

What areas of the body can laser tattoo removal be done on?

Tattoos can be treated nearly anywhere, including but not limited to the hands, arms, legs, feet, back, chest, stomach, and neck.

I'm thinking of covering up an old tattoo with a new one. Can laser tattoo removal help this process?

Yes – tattoo artists will sometimes request that a tattoo be lightened before cover up work is done. This lightening of your old tattoo often allows for more choices in your cover up design and improves your new tattoo's result.

Will I need to take off from school or work after my tattoo removal?

Most people go back to work or school on the same day as their treatment, or the next. Sometimes, patients who have large tattoos, multiple tattoos, or sleeves may choose to take a day off.

How much will removing my tattoo cost?

Laser tattoo removal is affordable. Every tattoo varies in size, details, and colors. I'm sure you can get an accurate quote at your initial consultation from the professional that you choose.



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