In a fascinating legal case, Chris Escobedo, the owner of Elite Tattoo has filed suit against video game maker THQ for recreating tattoos Escobedo designed for Carlos Condit, a former UFC champion as part of their UFC Undisputed games. What many people might not know is that copyrights on tattoos are actually owned by the tattoo artists and not the people bearing their ink, unless there is a contract created to transfer the rights. Because Escobedo did not grant permission for his art to be recreated, and because he was not compensated for it, he has a strong case. The outcome of this suit will likely have long-term implications for the use and recreation of tattoo art in media. 



Fast Fact: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 Americans now have at least one tattoo!


Ok, so recently we were graced with images of Scarlett Johansson's newest tattoo, a horseshoe with the words "Lucky You" inked on her ribcage. As it turns out, we didn't realize just how lucky we were to get a glimpse of it! Scarjo appeared on Letterman this week and talked about the tattoo, saying it was only supposed to be seen by those few men (or women?? Though she's officially denied being bisexual, we can always dream!) with whom the A-list beauty chooses to spend some private sexy time with. It was her tattoo artist who apparently couldn't contain himself and uploaded the pics to the web. Though we're incredibly grateful this Thanksgiving weekend for this gift bestowed on us average folks, who will never have the pleasure of Ms. Johansson's intimate attentions, it really would have been awesome for anyone stripping down with her for the first time to be surprised by the secret message hiding under her shirt! 


We hope everyone has enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving! We'll see you next week with more Tattoo in the News!





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    How much are the small tattoos? And I wanna write "faith" on my arm how much would it cost? 

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