Getting a tattoo was once a lifelong commitment with no real recourse. Today, though still costly and uncomfortable, tattoo removal technology is allowing many people who regret past ink to erase their mistakes and start over. 


In a New York Times article from 2007 (Erasing Tattoos, Out of Regret or For a New Canvas), James Morel, the CEO of Dr. Tattoff, a specialty tattoo removal center in California stated that the vast majority of their clients are women, ages 25-35. He puzzled over the reason for this, whether it was because many more women are getting tattooed these days or if more women end up regretting getting inked. 



That same article talks about Freedom-2, which was touted as a technological advancement in removable tattoo ink. This "ink" is actually made up of polymer beads of color that are deposited in the dermis, and are easily broken up by laser treatment, whereupon the dye, made of natural ingredients, absorbs into the skin, erasing the tattoo faster and easier than with traditional ink. A search for Freedom-2, however, makes it seem that it has not caught on as much as its makers hoped. Some artists feel it doesn't work as well as regular ink, aesthetically speaking, and the general consensus in the tattoo world seems to be that if you want a tattoo, you shouldn't get it if you don't want it to be permanent. Consulting with a trusted, experienced tattoo artist will help you decide what's right for you when considering a tattoo. 


Next week, we'll continue our look at tattoo removal. Meanwhile, check out our Tattoo Removal page for more info. 





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