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Come to any of our locations and experience "Virtual Tattoo." Virtual Tattoo is Tattoo Lou’s patented software which takes tattooing to the next level. Come grab a station in any of our shops and browse through thousands of tattoo designs, artist portfolios, and much more. Virtual Tattoo is free to anyone who stops into one of our Long Island locations.

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Each year, the public votes for local businesses on Long Island to see who is the best. Head on down to to check it out. So far, Tattoo Lou’s has taken the title for the 3rd consecutive year in a row! Once again, in the Tattoo Shops section, we have claimed the gold. Only Long Island’s best businesses get recognized by Votes are cast online using their voting system, which only allows one computer IP address to vote per year. We would like to thank all of our great customers for voting for us. For Long Island Tattoo Shops, we plan on staying at the top for many more years to come. So, if your next question is Why are we number one? Then take a look at just a couple of the reasons


1. Over 50 freak in’ years of incomparable experience
2. Four easy-to-find locations
3. Over 30 of the best-trained tattoo artists and piercers
4. Immaculately clean and well-kept shops
5. Highly trained management staff
6. No “used car salesmen techniques”
7. Huge selection of body piercing jewelry at the best prices around
8. The Tattoo Gallery
9. Sponsors of New York’s Best Nightlife
10. State of the art tattoo and body piercing equipment
11. World Famous clothing line by Tattoo Lou’s. The official clothing of the tattooed public
12. The biggest online tattoo community, at
13. Donation Programs for People in Need
14. The world’s largest Tattoo Flash Library ……and many, many more reasons. Come on down to see for yourself!


Brian Bernstein


This month we had the honor and pleasure of tattooing Brian Bernstein. We heard about Brian from a heartfelt email from his family. The email requested if any of the fine artists from Tattoo Lous would be willing to drive to New Jersey to tattoo Brian. Brian was recently in an accident which, fortunately, he survived. Tragically, however, Brian is now a quadriplegic. His condition limits him from leaving his house to hit up a local tattoo parlor. Before the accident Brian mentioned to his family that when he turned 18 he was coming home with a tat. Well, instead that tat came home to him!


When Tommy(tattoo artist from Selden, pictured to the left) heard about the situation, he selflessly volunteered to do the tat at Brians earliest convenience. Many of the artists from Tattoo Lou’s look at situations like Brian’s as a way they can use their gift as an artist to help somebody else. We started the “Tattoo Lou’s Gives Back Campaign” in 2009 and will continue it for years to come. So, Tommy drew up a stencil and hit the road with Mark (Tattoo Lou’s Marketing Director). Mark and Tommy expected the trip to Jersey to be a “sorrowful” experience. They expected a trip to Jersey helping somebody in “need.” Instead Brian helped us more than we could ever imagine! Sorrowful?? Hell no! It was an honor, pleasure, and joy to tattoo Brian! Although Brian could not speak he made us laugh like hell from the beginning of the tattoo to the end.


The Tattoo concept was a “One Love” reggae-inspired piece. Tommy used his experience and technique to do another great tat – just one of hundreds Tommy has done this year. Even though we were outside the shop it didn’t stop us from cranking up the tunes, filling the ink caps, and turning Brian’s charming house into a tattoo shop. Brian’s parents welcomed us into their home with passion and hospitality. They could not do enough. As any tattoo artist knows, a tattoo is an experience for the person getting tattooed as well as the artist. Well, Brian gave us an experience we will never forget. His personality, determination, and charisma was extraordinary. Although Brian is in a very unfortunate situation, his faith and determination pulls him through.

It was truly a pleasure to meet Brian and his parents. They are wonderful people and we welcome them into the Tattoo Lou’s Family.


Tommy – Artist Spotlight


Tommy (pictured to the right) is a great guy and a fantastic artist. Check out his online portfolio here: He’s been tattooing for over 5 years along with working several other jobs to support his two sons.


He says “My boys make working a million hours a week worth it.” Tommy now tattoos full time at Tattoo Lou’s of Selden. He treats each tattoo with the care and attention you would want and expect. Tommy says, “I look at every tattoo as a new project. I want to make sure my customers are 100 percent satisfied with the artwork before starting the tat. I always listen very closely to what people say when explaining to me what they want. My job as an artist is to give my customers exactly what THEY want, not what I want. Sometimes I will advise people on what will look best but never discourage somebody from their creative vision of what they like.”


One thing we all notice about Tommy is the way he converses with people to make them feel comfortable while getting work done. Tommy is a great asset to Tattoo Lou’s and cool as hell. Stop off in Selden to speak to Tom.


Tattoo Tip of the Month


Tattoo Tip of the Month Name Tattoos…. Thinking about getting someone special tattooed on your body? Well, keep in mind Tattoos are for keeps – relationships seldom are. Think about it before you hit the chair, especially if it’s a brand new relationship. We do a lot of name tattoos as well as a lot of name tattoo “cover-ups.” The good news is if all goes sour we can always tattoo over your Ex. Hell, if you want we can even cross him/her out and place your new fling right underneath it! If you’re getting your loved one’s name tattooed on you also check out some of our tattoo portraits. Our artists take great pride in portraits and can duplicate almost any picture you bring in. It always helps to bring in a few pictures; this way our artists can get a better idea of how your loved one really looks in different light. If you’re searching for the perfect font, head on down to one of our shops. We have tons of great fonts that we can use as well as draw up a custom one. If you’re searching the internet for some cool fonts make sure you use sites that you can type the actual name into because fonts can look great in one word/name and horrible in another. If you see a font in a magazine or on the internet somewhere, take a digital pic of it or right click->Save As to your desktop and head over to This is a great site which will help you identify fonts and even find them online to install on your computer and use in your software of choice. The photo clip above is Andres tattooing a name on some ones ribs. It’s taken from a movie which can be seen here:


What the heck are Microdermals?




Microdermals are one of the newest piercings available and has been increasingly becoming more popular by the day. The jewelry allows for you to wear a single gem or flat disc in many areas that may not have be suitable for regular piercings. These small pieces of jewelry are inserted underneath the skin with as little effort as a regular piercing. Your skin adheres to the jewelry making it a stable choice for a piercing. Microdermals are also known as “Surface Anchors” Regardless of what you call them they are definitely a new and exciting way to get pierced! We always say, “Pictures tell a million words.” Check out the pics below. The top one illustrates exactly how Microdermals are done. This does not mean that you can pop a needle into your arm and stick a Microdermal piercing into it. Microdermals are best left up to the professionals. Tattoo Lou’s now offers Microdermal piercings in our Selden and St. James shops. Ask for Nick or Click. Some of the other pictures are just a few examples of Microdermal piercings.


Thank You Letters

 Right before publishing the newsletter we received a great thank you letter from Brian pictured at the top with tattoo artist Tommy. We figured we would include it in this newsletter and it’s pictured below. Also we are including another thank you letter we received from Rita Mahoney. We will try to post some of these thank you letters we receive each month in upcoming newsletters. For everyone who sends us thank you emails/letters we appreciate it greatly. It’s always great to hear all the positive feedback we get from our customers along with proof in knowing that the “Tattoo Lou’s Gives Back” campaigns are successful in helping out people in need.




Tattoos in the Military


Tattoos in the Armed Forces have a long and colorful tradition in the United States. In fact, millions of Americans have served in the Armed Forces either as active service personnel or reservists, which means a countless number of inked war veterans. Many of them have gotten tattoos as a constant reminder that they once belonged to a particular unit or platoon, to acknowledge their loyalty not only to their unit but also to their country, the feeling of camaraderie they felt, or even to mark the loss of someone close to them.
According to studies and polls, armed forces tattoos are the greatest in the Navy, with the Army second, the Marines third, and then the Air Force. The style of tattoo designs seems to differ depending on the specific branch of armed forces.
A recent news report about military tattoos said: “Tattoos are a military tradition.” While there is no order stating this, many service members will argue this point until the end of their contract. To some, tattoos are a big part of the military lifestyle. Some service members will refrain from getting a tattoo, but many more will get inked at least once before leaving.
The Marine Corps has always taken a conservative stand on tattoos, particularly while the Army and the general public have become more accepting of them. Some Marines are saying that the Corps should follow public opinion and recognize tattoos as either a legitimate practice or as an art form of. Most Marines go along with the Marine Corps’ policies on tattoos and don’t have visible ink. However, there are a growing number Marines who disagree with the conservative stance and have called for a relaxing of the rules.
A recent poll by Harris Interactive, a major market research company in the US, found that 16 percent of American adults have at least one tattoo. That’s a pretty damn high number of people. The poll further found that 13 percent of adults age 18 to 24 and 36 percent of adults age 25 to 29 have tattoos. With numbers like this growing each year, it shows that Americans have come a long way in accepting tattoos.
So this month, Tattoo Lou’s wants to show our appreciation for our soldiers serving in the armed forces. Anyone who presents their military ID when getting a tattoo or body piercing from now until March 1st 2010 will receive 10 percent off and a FREE Tattoo Lou’s T-Shirt. We encourage anyone in the Military to stop down to any of our four shops and check out our huge collection of Military Tattoo Flash. We can always customize any of the designs to fit your taste. So, here’s to all our soldiers defending our freedom and protecting our country. Enjoy the discounts at Tattoo Lou’s, Hoorahhh! Here is a list of the popular tattoo designs among the different branches of the Military:
Tattoo designs popular in the Army: Replicas of Unit Patches, Military Awards and Medals, Eagles, US Flag, Dog tags
Tattoo designs popular in the Air Force: Pilot’s wings, Eagles, Fighter Planes, Unit Patch Tattoo Designs, War veteran tattoos
Tattoo designs popular in the Navy: Anchor Tattoos, Naval Vessels, Female Sailor



Cover Ups for Christmas


Holiday season in NY is always a great time of the year. There’s tons of parties – like our annual Tattoo Lou’s holiday party – Bubba dressing up as Santa in a costume that would be snug on Shakira, and of course our kick-ass December discounts. Since 106.1FM considers Tattoo Lou’s Long Island’s best tattoo shop, they decided to help out some lucky Long Islanders by fixing their crappy- ass tattoos. At 5:30 AM we cranked up the tattoo machines for this one: Randy from WBLI decided he was gonna broadcast out of Tattoo Lou’s in West Babylon LIVE! His plan was to get 3 lucky people who needed some serious cover-ups. Ever get a tattoo you just wish you could get rid of? Well lucky for you the artists at Tattoo Lou’s do tons of these cover-ups all the time. We brought in three heavy hitters to rip up Cover Ups for XMAS. Irish Jay (Selden), Ray Alfano (West Babylon), and the Great Andrea the Argentinian (St. James). Anyway, Six AM rolls around and our winners walk in the door for their cover-ups. Here are some shots of the hideous tats that we had to cover up. Who the hell tattooed these girls – Stevie Wonder?The following shots, Ray fixes that teddy bear disaster, Irish Jay puts a sick piece over a shooting piece of shit… We mean star, and Andres tattoos the heck out of Randy Spears from WBLI.


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