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Come to any of our locations and experience "Virtual Tattoo." Virtual Tattoo is Tattoo Lou’s patented software which takes tattooing to the next level. Come grab a station in any of our shops and browse through thousands of tattoo designs, artist portfolios, and much more. Virtual Tattoo is free to anyone who stops into one of our Long Island locations.

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Living Large



You may have seen our artist Large inking at our Deer Park, Huntington, and West Babylon shops. You know his work, so you know that he’s a beast on the tattoo machine, but now you’ll get a glimpse at the man behind the tattoo artist!


Large’s passion for tattooing started early. Though he had no true guidance on how to be an artist, Large loved the art of ink and he was determined to make his career as a tattoo artist happen. Tattooing since September 2008, Large has been inking up Tattoo Lou’s for the past fifteen months. “My entire tattooing career fell into place at Tattoo Lou’s,” said Large. “I wouldn’t be where I am today as an artist if I wasn’t at Tattoo Lou’s. Everything just clicked.”


Large’s tattooing style is big and bold, just like his name! His favorite tattoos feature a lot of bright colors, new school and graffiti designs, and bold lines. “If you know me, you know that I love doing color work,” said Large. Of course, the man can do it all, but Large notes, “I love being able to create something big and colorful. I love bright, bold, and totally out of the ordinary.“ His favorite tattoo he’s done as of late? Recently, he inked up his friend, Jay, with Consuela, a character from the hit cartoon Family Guy. Large said, “Funny and humorous tattoos are a lot of fun to do because you don’t get to do them that often. Those are the best because you really enjoy them.” But it’s not all cartoons and color—Large has gotten some pretty strange requests, including in our Huntington shop a man who wanted a tattoo on an area too private to write about in a family newsletter. The tattoo has yet to be inked, but ouch—that’s gotta hurt! We’ll need an update as soon as that tattoo is completed.


Large’s musical tastes focus mostly on the tunes of the 1990s, from rap to metal to grunge and alternative bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Silverchair. By night, Large’s life is a little calmer than his tattooing persona. When Large isn’t in the shop, he transfers his artistic talent to paper. Currently, he’s working on his new cartoon, Hillside High, set to be sent to Adult Swim this Fall—you can check out the trailer at! “I love to hang out, party, and enjoy life”, said Large. “I’m passionate about tattooing, and I’m so thankful for what I have here at Tattoo Lou’s.”




The 2011 Bike Run and Benefit


As you all know, on July 31, 2011, Tattoo Lou’s held our second annual Bike Run and Benefit to raise money for F.R.E.E., an organization currently helping 3000 people with disabilities in Nassau and Suffolk counties. It turned out to be a beautiful day with an even better turnout. The sun was shining and the bikes were roaring. The day started with all the bikers meeting at the Oak Beach Inn in Babylon. At 1:00pm, over 150 bikers took off down the road to ride for a reason. The feeling that everyone had while riding together as a team was undescribable. That 70’s Band put on a rocking good show, and our freak show was out of this world. Our raffles were also amazing—everyone was jealous of our winners! We at Tattoo Lou’s would like to extend a thank you to everyone who came to, donated to, and sponsored the Bike Run and Benefit. We raised a ton of money for F.R.E.E., and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support, help, and plain old elbow grease. We’ll see you all at next year’s Bike Run and Benefit. To watch the official video from the Bike Run with tons of up-close footage of the bikers ripping down the road, check out the official Tattoo Lou’s Youtube channel at “TattooLousSince1958”.


Po Po Returns



“For everyone waiting to get tattooed by Zhang Po aka “Po Po,” the wait is over. On August 22, 2011, Po Po will be back at Tattoo Lou’s bringing his unique Asian style back to NY. You can check out his full portfolio at and even book your appointment online so you can be one of the first people to get tattooed.”


Tattoo Lou’s and the NY Islanders




In case you missed it, Tattoo Lou‘s was a special guest at the New York Islanders’ Draft Party at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale. Irish Jay and Alecia were tattooing right on the rink—the crowd was so big, they could barely keep up with the ink! For those looking for a less permanent form of body art, Chris from Tattoo Lou’s was there doing body and face painting.


Islanders Assistant Coach Scott Allen stopped by the Huntington shop earlier in the week to get inked by New York’s best. Alecia gave Scott two great tattoos—the initials of his two daughters, and his own personal motto—“101% always”—tattooed on his ribs. His motto is important to both him and the Islanders, as it is a reminder to always do your best, no matter what.


“So what’s in store for Tattoo Lou’s and the Islanders? Tattoo Lou’s is now the official tattoo shop of the NY Islanders. This year, Tattoo Lou’s will be TATTOOING in the Coliseum during the best games of the year. Come check us out and get the ultimate hockey experience: get tattooed while watching the Islanders.


In addition, Tattoo Lou’s very own clothing line, World Famous Clothing Co.,  was chosen to be sold in the official Islanders store in the Sunrise Massapequa Mall with an Islanders twist! Check out some of the pics below.”


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