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Come to any of our locations and experience "Virtual Tattoo." Virtual Tattoo is Tattoo Lou’s patented software which takes tattooing to the next level. Come grab a station in any of our shops and browse through thousands of tattoo designs, artist portfolios, and much more. Virtual Tattoo is free to anyone who stops into one of our Long Island locations.

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A spa like nothing you’ve ever seen..


For years, you’ve known Tattoo Lou’s as the place to go for the best tattoos and piercings in New York. Now, Tattoo Lou’s proud to announce our latest creation: Fusion Skin Spa! Fusion Skin Spa fuses over fifty years of award-winning tattoo experience with cutting-edge laser technology. Fusion Skin Spa is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – a skin spa with Manhattan comfort and expertise with a convenient Long Island location. Our procedures include laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, permanent cosmetics, licensed massage therapy, facials, and microdermabrasion in luxurious, private, spa-like treatment rooms! Please feel free to call (631) 940-1672 and make an appointment for a free consultation—our professional, medically-trained staff will be happy to help you find the skin you’ve been dreaming of! You can also visit our website at And don’t worry – no question is too big or too small. Fusion Skin Spa prides itself on educating our clients. That way, you can feel your best about your procedure so you can look your best!

Laser Hair Removal


Bathing suit season will be here before you know it, so if you’re tired of unwanted hair, try our laser hair removal. Never worry about waxing or shaving and wasting your time again. Fusion Skin Spa offers the latest and most technologically advanced lasers for an efficient and effective treatment!


Laser Tattoo Removal


It was once thought that tattoos were forever – thankfully, laser tattoo removal is an effective way of removing a no longer wanted tattoo or lightening a current tattoo to be tattooed over or added onto. We will assess your unwanted tattoo and determine how best to remove it, all while answering any questions you may have about the process!


Permanent Cosmetics


If you have had it with the everyday makeup routine then we are your new best friend. Combining the award winning expertise of world famous cosmetic tattoo artist Karon and the 50 years tattoo experience of Tattoo Lou’s, we bring you a fusion of permanent makeup. Your perfect makeup will never wash off again!


Everything Else…


Along with offering hair removal, tattoo removal, and permanent cosmetics, Fusion also offers licensed massage therapy, facials, microdermabrasions, skin care products, and skin repair procedures. Our technicians are pros at helping you achieve the skin you’ve been dreaming of. Check our for detailed descriptions of all our services.


Check out some of the pics below for a glimpse of what the spa looks like:


Once again…The reigning champ..

Once again, Tattoo Lou’s would like to thank EVERYONE out there who voted for us in the Best of Long Island 2011 competition. We love our customers, and we’re glad that you all love us so much back! We’ve been the Best of Long Island for the past SIX years, and we’ve still got more where that came from! So stay tuned!


Deer Park….Infiltrated!


In December, Tattoo Lou’s unveiled our FIFTH tattoo shop! Crazy, right? Located on Grand Avenue in Deer Park, our brand new Deer Park location has the great artists and quality that everyone knows to expect from Tattoo Lou’s in a sick space! Seriously, check out these pictures! Doesn’t the place look awesome? Go to for directions and hours and stop by in person to see the newest Tattoo Lou’s location for yourself!


Virtual Tattoo | By Tattoo Lou’s


At Tattoo Lou’s, we’re all about the newest and most technologically advanced equipment we can get our hands on, because our clients deserve the best. Everyone has seen the flash racks on the wall of any tattoo shop – you browse through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of photos until you FINALLY find the one you want. Then you have to change it and edit it to what YOU want your ink to look like and finally, you get inked. Long process, right? Well, Tattoo Lou’s is changing all that thanks to our newly-patented software, Virtual Tattoo. While we will still have some flash racks in all five of our shops, Virtual Tattoo takes tattooing to the next level. To use it, you walk up to a station in our shop, type in a keyword or select a category, and browse through thousands of tattoo designs, artist portfolios, and more! When you’ve found the ink you NEED to have, you can resize it, create a stencil, whatever – and ALL on the computer. When you’re done, you can print it out and give it to your artist. Virtual Tattoo gives a greater amount of options to your tattoo selection, while making it easier, faster, and more convenient! The best part? Virtual Tattoo is FREE to anyone who stops into one of our Long Island locations. Drop in and try it out – you won’t want to go back to regular flash, we’ll tell you that!


The Management Squad

If you’re reading this, you already know that Tattoo Lou’s employs the world’s BEST tattoo artists and piercers! Their talent keeps our shops full and our customers happy. But most people don’t know about what goes on behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly! Tattoo Lou’s is also home to New York’s finest management squad. Our fantastic team consists of a group of true Renaissance men! These guys have a background in little bit of everything: tattooing, tattoo supplies, law enforcement, corrections, mechanics, fire fighting, web design, music production, photography, and more. These guys keep everything in the shops in check, and they make sure things are always running smoothly. They’re the best problem solvers out there! Rich, the General Manager, said it best: “We have an awesome team of artists and piercers. Our job is to make sure they all know where they need to be and so they only have to worry about what they do best: TATTOOING AND PIERCING.” When you stop down to a Tattoo Lou’s to get a tattoo or piercing, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your tattoo artist or piercer only has to focus on your tattoo or piercing! So next time come by a shop, show some love to the men behind the scenes and remember who backs the world’s finest team of artists and piercers – the Tattoo Lou’s management squad!


Tattoo Lou’s on Air

Tattoo Lou’s is kicking off our new year with a bang! We have tons of new and exciting stuff going on. Sure, everyone in New York knows that Tattoo Lou’s is the best tattoo shop in New York, but soon, the entire country, even the world, will know! Since the year began, Tattoo Lou’s has been filming network pilot episodes for tv producers, doing interviews with production crews, conducting live in-shop broadcasts, and much more! The sky is the limit this year! TV channels are just starting to realize what we all already know and have known for years – tattooing is no longer a “trend”, but an art form and, well, a way of life! They want to show the world that Tattoo Lou’s is the leader in skin art, and we’re happy to oblige! News12 was among the first to embrace Tattoo Lou’s this past month when they stopped into our brand new location, located on Grand Avenue in Deer Park. Reporter Sean Bergin scouts Long Island for the hottest and most stylish jobs, and they wanted to come to Tattoo Lou’s to feature Tattoo Lou, Jr. and our senior tattoo artist, “Irish Jay”! Sean brought his film crew to Deer Park so Lou and Irish Jay could teach him everything that he needs to know about tattooing…well, okay, not EVERYTHING. We gotta keep some trade secrets, ya know! Sean did his best, taking this crash course in tattooing and then showing us what he’s got as an artist! Talk about a lot of pressure! And we can’t wait for you all to see it! You can check out this exclusive airing live on News12 March 8th at 5pm through the 9th until noon. Don’t forget to set your DVR! You won’t wanna miss it!

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