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Come to any of our locations and experience "Virtual Tattoo." Virtual Tattoo is Tattoo Lou’s patented software which takes tattooing to the next level. Come grab a station in any of our shops and browse through thousands of tattoo designs, artist portfolios, and much more. Virtual Tattoo is free to anyone who stops into one of our Long Island locations.

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Nick Holes



This month we got a chance to sit down and have a chat with Nick, our senior piercer. Heres what he had to say for himself:

When I got my first real piercing at sixteen, I knew I had found out what I wanted to do – I wanted to be a piercer. It’s been eleven years and some thirty odd piercings more for me, and I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve ended up. I’ve been piercing for the past five and a half years – I started in February 2005, training at the Tattoo Lou’s in West Babylon. Then, I lived on the Nassau-Queens border, so I had to do a hundred miles of driving a day just to get to and from work. And you know what? I didn’t care. I loved it anyway. When I first started, I was bouncing around from shop to shop, working six days a week. I was the low man on the totem pole, but I worked hard – now I’m Tattoo Lou’s head piercer, working in Tattoo Lou’s flagship shop in Selden.



I love going to work everyday, and most people can’t say that. There’s something great about going to a job you really love. As a piercer, you never know what the day is going to bring, but I’m definitely always up to the challenge. Of course, I do my fair share of navels, tongues, and noses, but the job never gets boring. Every client’s body is different and a new piercing experience for me. I really love doing surface piercings – it’s great to find the balance between what area has the best shot of lasting and what will be the most aesthetically pleasing. Since Suffolk County legalized microdermals, I have been doing them like crazy! It’s amazing that for as long as the practice of piercing has been around, there are still new and exciting things happening in it everyday. What’s great, too, is that learning to do these microdermals has helped me learn even more about anatomy.

I love pushing myself and giving people what they really want, whether it’s an ear lobe piercing for a 50th birthday, a lip piercing for a 15th, or a corest piercing just for the hell of it. As long as I am doing what I love, everyday is a good day. I really love learning new things, and I can’t wait to see what the next day brings.



If you have any questions about piercing, even if you think it may not be a good one, you can always give the Selden shop a call and ask for me – I’m happy to help answer whatever you have to ask. Here are just a few recent piercings for the newsletter.


Tattoo History

In today’s world, tattoos are everywhere. If you walk down the street, you can be sure that most of the people you pass have at least a little bit of ink! Although tattoos have seen a boom in popularity in recent years, the art of tattooing has been around longer than modern civilization! In 1991, an Iceman (no, not the dude from Top Gun) sporting plenty of tattoos was found on the border between Italy and Austria. After being carbon-dated by scientists, it was discovered that our inked-up Iceman is around 5,200 years old! Tattoos also have been found on Egyptian mummies dating back to c. 2000 B.C.E.


As the Egyptians expanded their empire, tattooing spread throughout what is now Europe and parts of Asia, hitting China around 2000 B.C.E. After Egypt, the Greeks, Romans, and Persians to name a few also picked up the art of tattooing and added their spin. All of these civilizations used tattoos for different purposes: tattoos were used for spy communication in Greece and as markings for criminals and slaves in ancient Rome. The Ainus of Asia, the people of Borneo, as well as the Polynesians denoted social status and tribal affiliations by their tattooing, letting everyone who saw them know their age, rank, and place in society. North American civilizations such as the Incas and Mayans also used tattooing in their religious rituals.


When Captain Cook visited the South Pacific in the late 18th century, he encountered native islanders covered in tattoos – he had never seen anything like it, and he brought back a Polynesian man named Omai to show off to the crowds of London, interested to see what he had found in his travels. Afterwards, tattooing became popular among London’s upper crust, with the elite sporting ink underneath their fancy clothes! In those days, tattoos were difficult to get because the inking process was very slow and painstaking! Every single puncture in the skin was done by hand, so only the very rich could afford the luxury of getting a tattoo, and different places had different methods of tattooing. Some put colors into their cuts and scratches, and some used a needle and thread covered in soot to mark the skin. Polynesians placed pigments under the skin using an instrument that looked like a rake, and the Maoris of New Zealand used a small tool made of bone to etch a design into the skin, adding color afterwards. While these methods were effective, they were difficult to implement. This changed in 1891 when Samuel O’Reilly invented the tattoo gun pretty much how we know it today. This new simplicity brought down costs, and then your average joe was able to get a tattoo! The upper classes turned away at this, as the art of tattooing was no longer rare or exotic.



Black and Grey Tattoos VS Crazy Color



One of the hardest decisions to make when selecting a tattoo is the choice of color: do you choose a tattoo with a rainbow of pigment? Or do you go straightforward in black and gray? There are benefits and downfalls to each choice, so today we’ll examine both types of tattoos. And by the way thanks Irish Jay(Selden) for the color tat and Mike(Huntington) for the black and grey. You guys are the bomb!


Black and Gray Tattoos


Black and gray is the original – the oldest form of tattoos. Performed by the proper artist, a regular black and gray tattoo can produce stunning results. The work is described as “black and gray” because the highlights of the tattoo are natural flesh that is not tattooed, and occasionally, some white is added to the tattoo for a more dramatic effect.


Some of the ingredients in black tattoo ink can be found in common India art ink. All of the ingredients found in black tattoo ink as well as color ink are 100 percent non-toxic and safe. At least at Tattoo Lou’s they are! (can’t speak for other shops) There is a real cool company called Technical Tattoo Supply that know all about tattoo ink manufacturing…google it. They make all sorts of tattoo supplies and equipment. Everybody says they are the best around. 🙂


Black and gray tattoos are the most resilient to damage from the sun. If you find yourself outside a great deal and refuse to wear sunblock (which, come on – you should!), a black and gray tattoo is a better choice for you.


Full-Color Tattoos


Generally speaking full color tattoos can open up another world for you and your artist. Color can give your tattoo dimension and life….. or death if you don’t go to Tattoo Lou’s.

Basically, do you prefer black and white photos or do you prefer color photos? Most people will tell you, “I love both.” If your one of those people then your most likely not gonna just get one tattoo. One thing to keep in mind is that lighter skin tones show off color tattoo ink better than darker skin tones. Tattoos are not any different than drawing on a dark brown piece of paper or drawing on a white piece of paper. Obviously the white paper will make the color look more vivid and brighter.


In order for color tattoos to retain their color, you must keep them out of the sun. The UVA and UVB rays from the sun can break down inks in a matter of years, so much so that even a single bad sunburn could cause your tattoo to lose some of its original luster.


Which is More Painful: Color or Black and Gray?


Black and gray tattoos don’t hurt as much as color tattoos(in theory). The main reason for this is that with a color tattoo, you must apply pigment to every square inch of the skin. With black and gray, shading is achieved using less pigment than a color tattoo would require, so it is less painful. HOWEVER. Both will hurt so good you will not seem to give a damn!


Bike Run and Benefit


On July 31st, Long Islanders “rode for a reason” in an effort to help a 13 year old local hero fight an illness. When Tattoo Lou’s became aware of Melissa’s story and her battle with cancer, we knew we had to do SOMETHING. Thanks to all of you, the Bike Run and Benefit was a great success. This was the kind of event that needs no true promotion – everyone we contacted really wanted to help out with this cause, and we’re so happy with the response from the community! Local bands Green Machine and Completely Unchained rocked it out to a great live crowd, and Coney Island sideshow queen Insectivora put on a great show, complete with a set of sword stairs and fire-swallowing! Yikes!


We’d also like to thank Sivana salon for their generous donations and booth complete with haircuts and extensions, among other things. We had a bunch of great raffles, as well: Tattoo Lou’s gift certificates, a guitar, a Wii, a flat screen television, Razr scooters, and even more! There were so many raffles going on it’s impossible to remember them all! The outpouring of support was truly incredible, and the raffle baskets and gifts just kept coming. We definitely accomplished our goal of trying to take the focus off of Melissa’s illness, if only for an afternoon, and really celebrate and support this brave girl in this battle she’s facing.


Tattoo Lou’s is happy to report that Melissa is doing very well in her treatments – she has two more cycles of chemotherapy to go, and as of her last scan, she is cancer-free. She is well on her way to living the life of a normal thirteen year old, and she has been remarkably strong throughout this entire ordeal, way beyond her years. Again, Tattoo Lou’s would like to thank everyone who helped us out with this great event and this great cause.



Tattoo Lou’s Version 3


This month, we released, Version 3. This is something that we have been excited about for quite some time now, and Version 3 has tons of great features you might not have even noticed at first glance!. First of all, it LOOKS how super cool. We stripped down the entire site, making it super fast and HTML friendly. We eliminated flash wherever possible, and we replaced it with JQuery and CSS. The site now supports multi platform operating systems including mobile devices, so you can check in to Tattoo Lou’s from any location! Along with replacing all the coding, we replaced all of our artists’ galleries with current tattoos and/or piercings and gave their portfolios a simpler navigation. V3 now uses dynamic pages, so current events are actually current! We also have put a lot of time into the highly demanded network of tattoos and body piercing by putting as much useful information on the site as possible. After only TEN short days of launching the site we struck 25,000 page hits. That’s an average of 2,500 clicks a DAY! This makes New York’s BIGGEST online community of tattoos and body piercing. Obviously, we have to thank all of YOU for your support. Check the screen shot above of the stats!


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