Local Resident Wins Contest And Gets A Free Giants Tattoo Thanks To Lou’s

The Giants victory over the 49ers last week generated a lot of excitement, and in lieu of the victors moving on to face the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Tattoo Lou’s decided to host a contest yesterday ensuring that select participants would get a free Giants-themed tattoo at our St. James location.

One of the two chosen winners was 29-year-old Centereach native Jimmy Oliveira who arrived promptly at the shop, sporting signature Giants’ apparel from head-to-toe.

Joel was there to administer the tattoo, and as it happens, both he and Jimmy have been friends for quite some time.

“My friend Joel let me know that he was gonna be here, he knows I’m a huge Giant fan, so I got all decked out and came down to help celebrate my team and support them,” said Oliveira.

Prior to winning the contest Oliveira had never gotten a single tattoo done, but viewed the experience in a positive light knowing that he would be letting his admiration show when he watches this year’s Super Bowl live from the stands, thanks to yet another contest he won, awarding him tickets to the game.

“It was great having Joel do it for me, he’s a good friend of mine, it’s really nice and something I’ll have forever,” said Oliveira after his session was over. “It’s just a great thing to look down upon and hopefully it brings me some good luck.”

After admiring his finished piece, the Giants fan stated that he was confident that his team would ‘come out with a win’ and that he sees himself getting more ink done in the future.

Oliveira was ultimately very happy with his treatment at Lou’s and the excitement he felt from winning our contest was palpable.

“It was great getting it [the tattoo], it didn’t hurt at all and I look forward to getting my next one,” he said. “The shop is very nice, it’s very beautiful. They’ve got good people, and a very friendly atmosphere here.”

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