Of course, we all know that a rock star without tattoos is about as rare as an honest politician these days, but they're not the only ones who get music tattoos. Music theory students, composers, and fans of the written note of all kinds are drawn to get music-themed tattoos. Here's a look at some favorites:



Musical notes are a very common tattoo subject, as well as the treble clef symbol that leads off many musical scores.




This piece emphasizes the clef symbol, with the notes complimenting it. 



Another common symbol to compliment notes is an old-time microphone, perfect for a musician or fan of retro music like Big Band or Swing



If you grew up in the 80's or early 90's, and you love music, you had one of these or wished you did. Sweet tape deck in that boom box girl! Totally rad!



Once, man used rocks for tools. Now, he simply rocks, and this tattoo obviously tops our countdown for this week!





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When deciding on a tattoo, cartoon characters make for an easy starting point. No matter what personality, your interests, habits or quirks, there is a character out there who you can identify with. Having said that, some cartoon characters simply lend themselves to tattoos more often. Here are some of the most classic: 



"Winnie the Pooh" characters might seem too commercial or child-like for some people, but others form a life-long bond with these distinct and iconic creatures. Who they choose to get can also be a major hint about the bearers personality – if you encounter a Tigger, you're dealing with an extreme extrovert who may enjoy jumping on you at random moments, so be forewarned.  




A more recent addition to the cartoon universe is the Family Guy crew, and Stewie may be the most popular of the bunch. Sure, you can identify with Lois's sexy MILF vibe or Brian's progressive, frustrated intellectualism, but aren't we all just homicidal nuts bent on world domination with latent homosexual streaks, deep down inside?




You want a character? Look no further than the Looney Tunes world. While Bugs and friends get their share of love, it's the more badass characters like Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian that get the most real estate on the bodies of their fans.



Popeye makes for a totally natural tattoo subject. He's inked himself, so it's kind of a meta tattoo, in a way. Sailors love tattoos, and Popeye has long been a favorite for sea-faring folk everywhere, for obvious reasons.



Gamers have gotten into tattoos in a big way, and there is no character bigger in the gamer universe than Mario. Think this guy's work-in-progress might say he's a huge fan? Yeah…just a little. 





Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.

Yes, that's right. It's November 5th which can only mean one thing…it's Halloween!! In New Jersey, that is. After Hurricane Sandy's path of destruction left many areas of our neighboring state in shambles, Governor Chris Christie signed an executive order delaying the Holliday until today so that kids could go door to door in search of delicious candy without fear of downed power lines or other dangers. Tattoo Lou's salutes Christie's creative solution and joins our neighbors in New Jersey by celebrating with a Halloween tattoo Weekly Countdown!


5. Halloween Cupcake!?

People don't hand out cupcakes to trick or treaters, which is smart because of the whole "no unwrapped sweets" thing, but sad because Halloween cupcakes would be way better than those tiny "fun sized" candy bars! I mean, how is it more fun to have less candy?? Discuss…



4. Zombie Monroe

Some say Marylin should have retired from modeling after she died, but not the owner of this…um…glamorous tattoo, apparently.



3. Bats Out of Hell

A simple design, kind of sexy and very Halloween. They appear to be headed for the neck area, so watch out!



2. This is Halloween!

Good old Jack has become a huge Halloween symbol ever since The Nightmare Before Christmas hit theaters, so of course he has to make an appearance here. It's his world, we're just living in it for one or in this case, two days a year. 



1. No, THIS is Halloween!

Michael Meyers is here to make sure you don't forget the REAL Halloween from the silver screen! Seriously, just nod and acknowledge him…and run for it!





Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.






As Tattoo Lou's, Strong Island and the rest of the Eastern seaboard hunkers down to ride out Sandy, let's take a look at the best Hurricane tattoos we can find!



Here we have an above view with the classic hurricane cloud formation including the eye in the center. 



Here's another storm cloud formation on the foot along with a pelican, a bird commonly associated with the US Gulf coast.



This side piece shows the storm effects on the ground, with rising waves and winds battering a palm tree. 



This arm design is clearly in remembrance of Hurricane Katrina which wreaked havoc on New Orleans and the rest of the northern Gulf Coast. 



This piece combines the storm formation with tattered hurricane warning nautical flags. 





Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.

We've looked at baseball fan tattoos, but what about the players? As it turns out, basketball and football players aren't the only ones who are getting inked nowadays. Hardball has it's share of body art lovers too:


5. CC Sabathia

CC is a family family man, and those are the footprints of his children on his arm, which also reads "Truly blessed." Also, while the Yankees don't put player names on their uniform backs, but that's fine by CC who has created his own to wear underneath at all times.



4. John Rausch

The 6'11" pitcher has a lot of real estate to work with, and he makes use of a lot of it. The roman numerals on his back represent his wedding date, and the tattoo on his neck also symbolize his marriage with interlocking rings, which he got after the birth of his daughter. Like CC, Rausch is all about his loved ones. 


3. CJ Wilson

The characters on his arm translate to "Poison Free," representing his Straight Edge beliefs. CJ follows the ethic of no alcohol or drugs for clarity of mind that grew out of the Hardcore music scene. The term "Straight Edge," first coined in a song by that name by the band Minor Threat is also tattooed down his right side. 


2. Ryan Roberts

Ryan says he never meant to get so many tattoos, but he has become almost as famous for them as for his game. The Japanese symbols on his neck stand for "family" and from religious symbols to nautical stars and anything else, if he finds meaning it, it's probably on his body somewhere. The Diamondbacks even created a Ryan Roberts imitation tattoo sleeve giveaway promotion so fans could try on his ink for themselves!


1. Eric Hinske 

We'll give Eric the top spot for his authentic Japanese Irezumi full back and sleeve design. Now that's commitment to your body art! After two seasons and $5,000 to complete, he's definitely earned it. 





Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.

There was not enough room in last week's countdown for all of the delightfully zany baseball tattoos we found out there on the intertubes. Given that, we present you with our official B-sides compilation:


5. Badass Baseball

There's nothing less dangerous and edgy than America's pastime, and yet there are those who insist on making baseball into some Mad Max style post-apocalyptic showdown, at least in their own minds. Except when a player or fan gets accidentally drilled in the head, the allusion to death and destruction seems like a reach. The only exception would be if this guy is a Pirates fan, in which case it's an absolutely brilliant design.


4. Pin Up FANtasy

It's an old-school marriage made in heaven, combining pin-up art with the game that ruled the country back in the day. And lord, if a dame like that happened to be facing Koufax with two outs in the ninth, you better believe every man in this great nation would be on the edge of his seat rooting for a round-tripper, boy howdy!


3.  Um…

Ok, let's explain this slowly…you got a tattoo…of a baseball player's name…on the inside of your lip…and that sounded like a good idea… While this may be hardcore, if a bit excessive while Jacoby Ellsbury is playing for the Red Sox, let's just think about how silly this will be once the guy gets traded or retires; or this guy with the tattoo reaches his 40's. 



2. They Signed Him Too??

Ok, we get it. The Yankees are always the most active team in free agency, picking up all of the top talent on the market, but this Superstar?? Jesus Christ!! On the plus side, we hear he'll donate his entire salary to charity, and he's a great team player, always willing to sacrifice to move runners over. 


1. For the love of…this guy

The reason this tattoo takes the top spot is for the sheer randomness of it. Tom Hausman was a relief pitcher who bounced around between the majors and minors over seven seasons before injury issues ended what was otherwise a…sort of ok, kind of whatever career.  Why this guy endured all of the pain and expense to get this guy's likeness permanently inked on him is a question for the ages, but what is a sure thing, presuming he's seen it,  is that Tom Hausman is either tickled pink or seriously creeped out. 









Ah, baseball – the nostalgic, pastoral sport of our fathers. Hot summer nights, hot dogs and beer, and…wild, crazy tattoos? Yes baseball has attracted a new generation of fans, and some of them are pretty radical in their passionate support of their teams and the sport. Take these tattoos for example. Now, with the playoffs in full swing, maybe more people will be rushing in to their friendly neighborhood tattoo shop (like, we don't know, maybe, um…Tattoo Lou's?!)  and grabbing some new ink like the following:



5. Um…ow?!

Ok, so you love the Dodgers. That's wonderful and all…but…is that…did someone throw a ball through your arm or are you so infected with team spirit you're growing actual baseball-like tumors complete with team branding?? Either way, that's pretty hardcore. The dripping blood is a nice touch, btw.


4. Death Throws a Curveball

This is obviously a rendering of Jamie Moyer, though he never played for the Angels. Probably a fan in support of Anaheim signing the free agent 49 year old. Yes, 49 and still hasn't officially retired. They actually got the eye sockets just about perfect.


3. Angry Bird

This pretty much sums up the feelings of all St. Louis fans after Albert Pujols left as a free agent. It's a good thing he went to the American League, where he'll rarely have to face his old team. This tattoo does, however, bring attention to just how widespread the baseball steroid problem has gotten. Mandatory testing for mascots can't be too far away.


2.  The Yanks? Yeah, They're OK…

I think this guy likes the Yankees. Yes, yes…it does appear that he has some pretty strong feelings for the team. What gives it away? Oh, just a hunch really. Nothing more than that. Why? Are we missing something here?


1. Legends of the Game

Ok, so Yankee Back Tat Guy had more…vivid color working for him, but this guy wins the countdown for image complexity and overall…let's call it "thematic ambition." As you can see, those are accurately rendered faces of various baseball legends adorning his back. His arms are inked to look like baseball stitching, and those appear to be the hands of God holding players in his open palms while lightning reigns down, which actually isn't good because that will cause an instant weather delay, but regardless, props for turning yourself into the Sistine Chapel of America's Pastime, you crazy, crazy fan.






Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website. 

The NFL season is in full swing, the real referees are back, and so we decided to take a look at who's got the best ink in the league, and hand out awards to those most deserving:


5. The "American Patriot" award goes to Jeremy Shockey

One of the edgiest, most outspoken players in the league…well, that reputation has him sitting on the sidelines so far this year, but Shockey uses his body as a way to speak about his love of the good ol' USA, including the flag and bald eagle design on his upper arm.



4. The "Wow, He Can Actually Justify A Mickey Mouse Tattoo" award goes to Hines Ward

Ok wait…a tough, rugged NFL player with a Mickey tattoo?? Yes, Hines Ward went there, and yes, it actually makes sense for him. His mouse is making the Heisman Trophy pose as it rides along with him for first downs and touchdowns, and it serves as a symbol for his lighthearted personality. For Hines, the NFL is a game, and he never takes anything in life too seriously, and so yeah, that ink is working for him!


3. The "Ink Per Square Inch" Award goes to Chris Johnson 

The only problem with getting lots of tattoos is eventually you run out of room! Chris may still have a bit of real estate…somewhere, but he is probably the most extensively tattooed player in league history. Well, at least for as long as he plays, there's always contracts to ink, am I right?! Anyone?…I'm sorry that was terrible.



2. The "Screw You, I'm Getting One Too" award goes to Rex Ryan

Who says only players get to have ink? The always entertaining and often needlessly honest Jets head coach admits he got the design on his calf as part of a "midlife crisis," but hey, who are we to judge? We'd say it's a much better way to act out than with a Corvette and a divorce! 



1. The "Most Fitting and Awesome Tattoos in the League" award goes to Rey Maualuga

The Hawaiian native bears some awesome, culturally significant designs that speak to his Samoan heritage and help make him an intimidating sight on the field.  Apparently he has a message inked on him to that speaks to everyone who's ever gotten a tattoo. It reads "Never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted." Thanks for that bit of wisdom, Rey!






Autumn is apparently an extremely popular theme in tattoos. We found so many designs that we had to do a second countdown!


5. Jack O'Lanterns

Big fan of pumpkins? This tattoo is for you,  filled with ready carved jack o'lanterns, including some hanging from the tree, which would be awesome if that's how they were actually created! Then, those of us with no artistic talent wouldn't spend every Halloween season seething with jealousy towards those show-offs who always carve amazing designs while we can barely cut a triangle without accidentally chopping our pumpkins in half!! Who says Christmas is the most stressful holiday???!!!




4. Full Sleeve Leaves

Confession: if this was my arm, I'd be constantly trying to find a way to lay it on the ground and step on it. I like stomping crunchy leaves. Actually, it's more of a compulsion, really. I never get anywhere on time during the Fall.



3. Nature Gonna Die, MFer!

Ah, Autumn, such a beautiful season, filled with bright colors, the crisp air, demonic skulls blowing leaves at your ass before presumably eating your soul….yeah, this full back piece perfectly captures the dark side of the season in all it's spookiness.



2. Wooded Leg

An Autumnal tree winds its way up this woman's leg in this tribute to the passing of Summer. Points for boldness and daring on this one!



1. Autumn Headdress

This one takes the top spot based on placement and creativity. All hail the Harvest Queen and the rest of our Autumnal tattoo bearers, for reminding us of the beauty, darkness and complexity of this season.   
















Ah, the crisp, colorful season of Autumn! As we prepare for pumpkins and falling leaves, let's take a look at those who keep a little piece of harvest season with them all year 'round as we count down the best Autumn tattoos: 


5. Autumn Fairy

There's something mystical about the Fall season, when nature's passing brings our attention to the world around us and we feel more connected to it. With the coming of Halloween, we can even imagine that maybe elementals and spirits are at work, like this fairy who takes time out from dancing with falling leaves to pose for us. 


4. Autumn's End

There's a special sadness connected with the Autumn season. At it's best, it's a time where we understand clearly that it's a natural part of the life cycle with it's own, powerful beauty like this barren tree losing it's final leaves. 


3. Transitions

This sleeve shows Autumn giving way to Winter as leaves transform to snowflakes.


2. Autumn Pin-Up

Fall colors bring a feeling of loss and longing to the usually bright and cheerful pin-up girl style of art in this piece.


1. Leaf Elbow Wrap

Interesting placement and a design that works well with the curvature of the arm as the leaves seem to embrace the skin, as we embrace the coming season of Autumn!

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