Tattoo Shop Advancement


Tattoo Lou’s, “The King of Tattoos,” Takes flash to a new level!


Flash art has its mainstay in tattoo parlors across the globe, with shops carrying on the tradition of including racks upon racks of detailed original artwork placed there for those interested in killing time or browsing for a new tat. Now, the future of these art panels is finite, as virtual tattooing is taking hold of the minds of those working in or interested in the tattoo industry and culture. Hot on the heels of technology trends and customer convenience, Lou’s has a little something in the works for those hankering for a bite of tattoo tech and yearning for a taste of what the future holds fort the tattooed and tattooing faithful. No need to thank us, it’s what we do. Check out our home page for all the new happenings in tattooing.

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