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Ta Moko almost disappeared over time as the Maori lost their land and culture with the influx of white settlers. Until recently, Maori tattoos were mostly worn by gangs and disaffected youth, mostly as an act of protest against the theft of their people's sovereignty. A few women elders of the Maori also held onto the Ta Moko tradition, which helped the cultural meaning behind the symbols from being lost to history. 

In the 1990's, the New Zealand government agreed to compensate the Maori for the loss of their territory, which has created a cultural renaissance of Maori art, most notably Ta Moko. Everywhere, people of Maori heritage are seeking to connect with their roots, to learn about the symbols and their meanings as they receive their own Ta Moko. Given that the designs vary by tribe and family, the desire for Ta Moko often leads to s deeper investigation of Maori history, which is strengthening their cultural bonds for the present and future.






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For some people, the face is just as valid a canvas as the rest of their bodies. Maybe some of them ran out of room elsewhere, maybe it's all part of a full-body theme, but whatever the reason, some people take the unusual step of getting inked in the most prominent of places. Here are the craziest, most striking facial tattoos we could find:



Here, we clearly see a man with a checkered past. It's written all over his face; a past, that apparently included an unsuseccsful attempt to find work as a table cloth.




Some people just love to play the victim. As Halloween makeup, this works just fine. As a permanent tattoo, maybe this isn't a positive image to go for 24-7?




We have to include Cat Man here, who's tattoos are just part of a number of alterations that leave him "feline" fine. Some terrible puns are just too good to pass up. It's like a law of the universe or something. 




If you took any acid or shrooms lately, you might not be certain if you're tripping your balls off or just looking at some dude with a tattooed face. it's a dude with a tattooed face. Probably. Go consult your shaman to be sure. 




And finally, our winner. Imagine being this guy's wife or girlfriend trying to sleep next to him. Wake up from a bad dream and "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Oh, it's just you baby. Could you…maybe turn over? Face the other way? Thanks a bunch, sugar pie." 

Coming this summer, tattoo artists and fans finally have their Oscars, their Grammys, their very own Super Bowl.


The final weekend in July, the entire body art world will be blowing the roof off of Nassau Coliseum at United Ink, the biggest and best tattoo convention you have ever experienced, guaranteed!


Tattoo Lou's will be your host, and you've gotta check out who'll be coming to join us! We're talking:

Chris Torres – NY INK

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And so many, many more.


What else do we have for you? Try 150,000 square feet of pure mayham, featuring hundreds of tattoo artists and vendors from around the world, daily tattoo contests, and a live Art Fusion Gallery. Plus super sexy events like the Miss United Ink Pageant, hot after parties and the United Ink Awards Ceremony, where we will honor the best of the best in the body art scene.


How to make sure you're a part of history? Here's all you need to know:

When: July 27th-29th, 2012

What time: Friday 2pm-11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm, Sunday 12pm-7pm

Where: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island NY

Tickets: or at the Coliseum box office Mon-Fri 9-4pm. Tickets can also be purchased at the door. Kids under 12 get in FREE.

Go to for more info, and we'll see you there!








Cheryl Cole has a new tattoo. That reportedly makes nine for the singer/ actress/ model/ dancer/ songwriter/ certified CPA/ astronaut and part time sous chef… just making sure you were paying attention. Her latest design is on her left but cheeck and extends down her thigh, which is the only reason we know it's there. It's hard to say what the design is without seeing Cheryl Cole naked, which we sincerely hope she will oblige.


Detroit Free Press has an interesting article about a growing tattoo trend among celebrity chefs. From food-inspired designs to the names of their restaurants, chefs are getting ink to express their passion. Michael Voltaggio, a long-time tattoo fan even named his restaurant Ink!


Jessica Alba recently Tweeted a pic of herself getting second hole in her left ear pierced. Aparently it had closed up, and Jessica wanted to reopen it. No word on whether this is the beginning of a challenge to surpass Elaine Davidson, the world's most pierced woman. Probably not, and we actually really hope not, but this story is a lot more interesting with some outlandish speculation thrown in.




Nose and ear piercing was popular in Ancient India, not just for fashion reasons, but for health and well-being. It is believed in Ayurvedic medicine that the ears and nose are connected to the reproductive organs. Piercing of the ears and nose were believed to lessen menstrual cramps and the pains of childbirth in women.

In many ancient Asian cultures, a nose ring was a symbol of virginity. In India, a girl approaching her wedding day would get a nose ring, often attached to a chain. On her wedding night she would remove the ring and replace it with a diamond or gold stud that she would wear for the duration of her marriage. The nose stud was an important and valuable part of a woman's dowery, and was seen as an indicator of elevated social standing.

When it comes to the art of being badass, metal musicians wrote the book. Then they ripped the book apart with their bare hands, set it on fire and ate it. Here are the most badass tattoos in metal:

5. Max Cavalera

"Hey four eyes!" Yell this at Max, and he will likely bear his evil-as-hell-looking eye designs inked on his forearms before beating you senseless with them. it's not a good idea to insult Max Cavalera.


4. Burton C Bell

When you get your ink designed just for you by HR Giger, the man famous for designing the Alien movies, you can't help but be seriously badass. Burton, the singer of Fear Factory, has such tattoos. Burton is, therefore, seriously badass.


3. Rob Halford

Let's face it: if anyone was to imagine a badass, inked up metalhead, he would look exactly like Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Rob Halford is the Platonic archetype of a badass, inked up metalhead. See for yourself and believe.


2. Phil Anselmo

Anyone who would deny the badassness of the lead singer of Pantera would immediately cease to exist, either because the sheer impossibility of such a thought would create a tear in the space-time continuum destroying him instantly, or because Phil Anselmo instantly killed him. Either way, Phil Anselmo is badass, and his tattoos are badass. We say this for our own safety and well-being.


1. Kerry King

Long live the King! Kerry King of Slayer, that is. Let's put this simply: when Mr King turns around, and it looks like the back of his head is the gaping maw of Satan himself about to consume you whole and dispatch your soul to an eternity of hellfire, he wins our countdown.


As we saw with our post on Christian tattoos, if you have faith in God, getting inked is a popluar way to display it. As it turns out, the same holds true if you believe there is no God. The bottom line is that passionate beliefs often move believers to ink themselves. Here are ways that Atheists use tattoos to further their cause:

Atheist Atom

This symbol, perhaps the earliest developed specifically for Atheism, was created in the 1960's by the American Atheists organization, and was used to encourage a focus on scientific thinking.


Scarlett A

Famed Atheist Richard Dawkins designed this nod to Hawthorn's classic The Scarlett Letter. It was designed for his "Out" campaign,  to encourage Atheists to not hide in shame, but to be more open in their beliefs.


Flying Spaghetti Monster

If you don't know FSM, Google it; in brief however, it is the symbol and deity of "Pastafarianism," a joke religion that was created as an argument against teaching creationism in schools. The idea is that you can make up any crazy story and claim teachers need to include it in their lessons.


Darwin Fish

A play on the Jesus Fish so popular with Christians, it is a common symbol for those passionate about evolution theory.


"Bad Religion" Empty Set

Punk rock immortals Bad Religion created this symbols. If you can't tell from the name of the band, Bad Religion is no fan of organized faith. It was a no-brainer for Athests to adopt the symbol as their own.


Although men and women alike adorned themselved with ear plugs in Aztec society, the wearing of lip piercings were strictly controlled, and limited to men. Only warriors were permitted to have a labret, and it was only the royalty and priest class who were allowed to wear lip jewelry of any real value.

When a young man was first admitted into military service, he would have his lip pierced, but he had to perform in battle to earn his first plug. Wariors who achieved great feats were honored with finer and more elaborate labrets, which could be several inches in length.

Even the greatest warrior, however, was not permitted to have a lip piercing of gold or precious stones. Lavishly ornamented and valuable labrets shaped like snakes or eagle heads were reserved for the leaders of society, for only the richest and most powerful men. Anyone caught with a lip piercing above his station was put to death as punishment.

5. Jaye Davidson

Jaye, a moel and actor known for his effeminite appearance and androgenous roles in Stargate and the Crying Game, kicks off our list thanks to his nipple piercings.

4. Lil Wayne

Wayne has his ears pierced, but it’s his bold choice of a lip piercing that earns him a spot on this list.

3. Tommy Lee

The Motley Crue drummer goes two for two, making our hottest tattoo and piercing lists. Tommy has his ears and nipples pierced, but it’s the Prince Albert he is reported to have that secures him our number 3 spot.

2. Dave Navarro

He’s the guitarist for Jane’s Addiction, but there are certainly many women besides Jane who are obsessed with Dave’s natural sex appeal, topped off with ear and nipple piercings.

1. Lenny Kravits

The killer trifecta of ear, nose and nipple piercings gives Lenny the edge he needs to beat out Dave Navarro for the crown of Tattoo Lous Hottest Pierced Male Celeb. Congrats to Mr. Kravits, and to all of our hot pierced male celebs. Who needs Oscars or Grammys when you’ve got a spot on a Tattoo Lous Hottest Celeb Countdown?!

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