By: Jenna Davidson


It has been said that the best way to receive good karma is by tipping. No, I am not saying to live by the city in China. To tip someone with money who has done a service for you. Tattoo artists and piercers greatly appreciate a little something extra for their hard work.

Why should I tip? You ask. Because you want good karma of course. What comes around, goes around, and that is the truth. How much should I tip? You ask. The amount depends on what you feel the artist or piercer deserves. For example, if you get some ink that took six sessions to complete ( a lot of time and effort) then you would obviously or hopefully feel more inclined to tip at a higher rate.

Remember that good karma comes from those who tip. Decorating yourself with body art is a personal choice, just as tipping is. But you must not forget that this specialty artwork lasts a lifetime. Good karma ends the second you decide to stiff that tattoo artist or piercer.

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