Of course, at some point, piercing fans began to ask: If we have a Prince Albert, could there be a female equivalent? This question led to the inevitable Princess Albertina piercing. Same as its male counterpart, it is a genital piercing that runs through the urethra. It emerges through the top of the vagina, and is said to be highly stimulating for the women who enjoy it.


The Princess Albertina is not nearly as common as the male PA. The female urethra is much shorter, and urinary tract infections are far easier to develop than with the Prince Albert. Because of this, many piercers won't perform it. It is considered an extremely advanced piercing for those who do practice it.


Increased sexual pleasure is perhaps the biggest reason women get a Princess Albertina. While this piercing does sometimes result in greater sensitivity and increased pleasure, that is not universally the case. It can be uncomfortable if a woman does not enjoy the type of sensations that come with direct stimulation of the urethral nerves. It's best to consult with a piercing expert, and to know your body very well before considering the Princess Albertina.    





Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.


Last week, we saw Crystal successfully receive her nose piercing, and indulge in delicious M&M's, making her boyfriend exceedingly jealous. This week, we take a look at how life has gone after leaving Lou's. 

The human body has this annoying thing called an immune system. I mean, yeah, it protects us from disease and does all sorts of amazing things to help us heal and, like, not die and stuff, but it can get just so darn uppity when we decide of our own free will to jab holes in our bodies and fill them with metal spikes and other foreign objects. 

Summer provided Crystal with an extensive list of do's and don'ts to prevent her body from rejecting the piercing, and to guard against infection. It's important when getting a piercing to remember that it will require a lot of TLC (no, not the group who sang "Waterfalls") to heal properly and become a problem-free accessory to be enjoyed and shown off. Summer has been great, making herself available for continued advice and feedback on taking care of the piercing. 

The piercing has added maybe 20 minutes to Crystal's pre-bedtime routine. When you're tired late at night and all of a sudden realize you have to take care of your new piercing, it can be very tempting to skip it for one night. Just like taking on any new responsibility in life, anyone considering a piercing should prepare themselves for having to put in that extra effort. 

Crystal loves her piercing, and it truly looks great on her. Lou's provided a fantastic experience, and Summer did an excellent job in all respects.

This concludes our epic saga My Girlfriend Goes To Lou's. I hope you enjoyed it, despite the lack of ninjas. Please let me know if there is further interest in more installments of this series, following additional activities of Crystal's life such as: My Girlfriend Finds Cheap Gas in NJ or My Girlfriend Goes Shopping for New Socks or….actually, I'm being told that those will not be acceptable here on the Lou's blog and Crystal would be weirded out by me following her around with a notepad all day, so let's just say our goodbyes and move on. Hugs all around.   




Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.

Last week, we left Crystal right after getting her nose pierced by Summer at Lou's in Deer Park. The drama doesn't end there, however! This is the beginning of a whole new life for our protagonist, and we will be there, holding her hand through her first tentative steps into a world that will never be the same. I know, this is getting seriously deep. Read on:


Despite her unflinching bravery, Crystal experienced some lightheadedness after the piercing was complete, a very normal reaction according to Summer, who was watching for this and quickly guided her to lie down. There can be some blood at first, so Summer cleaned the pierced area up with a Q Tip while Crystal chilled in the chair. 


Here we get our first look at the awesomeness. Crystal clearly has an eye for what works for her and a nose for a cute piercing like this. The funny thing is, when she first mentioned getting her nose pierced, a bunch of people, including myself had to think for a second – we thought maybe she already had one!  And I live with her, which makes it either more mysterious that Crystal's piercing was a thing of destiny we all sensed, or I'm totally unobservant and should feel extreme shame. Because I have no shame, I'll go with the piercing-destiny angle.  


The first step to healing is apparently M&M's. Summer said it helps with being lightheaded, but I know they were just trying to make me jealous. I collapsed on the floor, feigning my own episode in the hopes of getting some for myself, but Summer wasn't buying it. Actually, I didn't do that. though I should have. It might have worked. As it was, I had to watch Crystal smugly eat her delicious M&M's right in my face. I mean, look at her! It's so not fair! I want M&M's!! I…wait, I can just go buy some. Heck yeah!! Check mate, Crystal and Summer!! I'm off to find a vending machine. See you next week!

Ok, it's time. Over the last seven days, as promised, you never left your computer screen, right? I thought not. It's ok, after this you can take a quick 15 for food and sleep before returning to your posts as you follow this, the greatest story ever told, My Girlfriend Goes to Lou's. Crystal is prepped and ready to receive her piercing by the steady hand of Summer. Read on for more:


After deciding on a precise point and marking it, Summer secured the spot with forceps before performing the piercing with a needle. Crystal, as mentioned before, has a deep-seated fear of needles. If you hate needles and still decide to get a piercing, it's a pretty safe bet you really must want it! Crystal remained calm through the quick procedure. Note the Zen-like focus in the picture above. she was one with Summer, one with the forceps, one with the needle, one with Lou's, and with all things except maybe spiders which she also hates, but that's ok. Screw spiders. Long-legged freaks.  


Finally, the needle did its work, as Summer carefully made the piercing. The Zen was strong with this one. No spiders, no ninjas, only a totally cute piercing created to the sounds of the nearby tattoo machines buzzing away as the other Lou's artists worked.



Finally, Summer secured the stud, completing Crystal's transformation from someone without a nose piercing to…someone…with a nose piercing. A shocking and utterly profound change, to be sure.


Oh, you thought you could peel your eyes away, but you would be wrong! Next week we begin the epic saga of the next chapter of Crystal's life as it continues to unfold. Yes, I''m taking about…wait for it…THE AFTERCARE!!! Sound gripping? Exciting? Would make a better movie than The Godfather, Citizen Kane and Gone With The Wind combined?? Actually, that would make for one strange movie but yes!! It totally would be way, way better than that. The rights are for sale. Contact my agent. See you next week!







When we last we saw her, Crystal was on the cusp of change, her nose about to be forever altered. We were left with the burning questions of whether she would go through with it or whether she would back away from the challenge, or if ninjas attacked, which if you can't tell is what I really, personally was hoping would happen to make this story as exciting and epic as possible. Not that I wanted to actually fight any ninjas. I would have hid under a tattoo chair and continued taking notes and let the Lou's employees battle it out. Hey, call me a coward, but as paying customers, I don't think we should have to actually defend ourselves from ninjas! Anyway, on with the actual story:



Suddenly, like the sun breaking over the horizon at the moment of dawn (killing any careless vampires who might be about), Crystal's smile let us know that she was indeed committed to this new and exciting course of action.


First, they needed to agree on the exact spot for the piercing. It was interesting to see Crystal and Summer talking about spots so minutely different in location, but realizing that such differences could be huge when it comes to how the piercing would ultimately look. Once decided on, Summer marked the exact spot so Crystal could confirm and approve of it. When you're poking holes in a person's head, you want to avoid any chance of miscommunication. 


Preparing the spot, making sure everything is clean and sterilized. If your piercing gets you an infected nose, you're gonna have a bad time…


You didn't think I'd actually end this cliffhanger right here and now, did you?? No, you must sit, glued to your computer for another week to see how this epic saga unfolds. You may not eat, you may not sleep. You may only stare blankly at your screen for the next seven days straight, waiting for a new installment of My Girlfriend Goes to Lou's. Nervous nail biting is permitted but that's really a bad habit and you should try and quit. Stay tuned for next week's installment, when Crystal finally gets what she came for; and, while you can probably guess there's no ninjas by now, for all you know there could be a nuclear accident that transforms everyone in Lou's into crime fighting superheroes with awesome secret powers! Literally anything can happen! We'll see you then….


Last week we left our heroine, Crystal precariously perched upon a chair at Tattoo Lou's in Deer Park, preparing to get her nose pierced. What will happen next?? Read on for more…



So, once again, this is Crystal, enjoying her last moments with an unbejewled face. I should mention that she hates needles, thus the questioning, apprehensive gaze. Thankfully, however, she was in the capable hands of Tattoo Lou's own Deer Park piercing extraordinaire, Summer.


Summer hails from the great state of Kansas, and has been stabbing people with their consent for 10 years now. She always had a fascination with the art of piercing, and after leaving her life's calling to have a family, she returned, finding a new family at Tattoo Lou's. When I asked her about how she got into this line of work, she shared about her internship experience and how she worked her way up to being the full-time piercing maven of formidable skill and knowledge she is today.



Will Crystal let Summer come at her with a needle?? Will she leave Tattoo Lou's with a sore nose and new piece of jewelry or with…a not sore nose but maybe a bruised ego!? Will ninjas attack??? Yes, there is still a chance ninjas will attack, no matter how unlikely it may seem, so you'll have to tune in next week to find out for certain in the next episode of "My Girlfriend Goes to Lou's!!"

Hello, this is Rob, your friendly Tattoo Lou's blogger. Recently, my girlfriend Crystal and I headed to Lou's in Deer Park so that she could fulfill her dream of getting a nose piercing. Well, not a dream really, it just sounds more inspiring that way. This then, is her quest, her journey, her trial of fire, as one woman seeks to realize a longing buried deep within her soul, as….ok, she's giving me that look. This is what happened:


This is Crystal; normally sure, confident, and as self-possessed a young woman as can be found in the farthest reaches of this great land.

Here, however, as she sits in Tattoo Lou's about to get her face stabbed, her countenance bears a questioning, uneasy gaze, as if to say to her boyfriend documenting the event "I'm sitting in Tattoo Lou's about to get my face stabbed! Why exactly didn't you talk me out of this??"

My only response could possibly be that as a sure, confident, self-possessed young woman as can be found in the farthest reaches of this great land, who am I to question her choices? No, this is happening. She thought long and hard about it, and now is her moment of truth, her test, her crucible, her escape from Shawshank, her white whale breaching against the decks of her Pequod….and there's that look again. More next week!


What will become of Crystal? Will she follow through with the piercing? Will she cower in the face of a needle…in her face, or will she hold strong and make it through?? Will ninjas attack, forcing Lou's employees to fend them off with their piercing tools and tattoo guns, which would be awesome but clearly a violation of health and safety standards?? Tune in next week to find out in Episode 2 of the epic saga: My Girlfriend Goes to Lou's!!



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