Last week, we saw Crystal successfully receive her nose piercing, and indulge in delicious M&M's, making her boyfriend exceedingly jealous. This week, we take a look at how life has gone after leaving Lou's. 

The human body has this annoying thing called an immune system. I mean, yeah, it protects us from disease and does all sorts of amazing things to help us heal and, like, not die and stuff, but it can get just so darn uppity when we decide of our own free will to jab holes in our bodies and fill them with metal spikes and other foreign objects. 

Summer provided Crystal with an extensive list of do's and don'ts to prevent her body from rejecting the piercing, and to guard against infection. It's important when getting a piercing to remember that it will require a lot of TLC (no, not the group who sang "Waterfalls") to heal properly and become a problem-free accessory to be enjoyed and shown off. Summer has been great, making herself available for continued advice and feedback on taking care of the piercing. 

The piercing has added maybe 20 minutes to Crystal's pre-bedtime routine. When you're tired late at night and all of a sudden realize you have to take care of your new piercing, it can be very tempting to skip it for one night. Just like taking on any new responsibility in life, anyone considering a piercing should prepare themselves for having to put in that extra effort. 

Crystal loves her piercing, and it truly looks great on her. Lou's provided a fantastic experience, and Summer did an excellent job in all respects.

This concludes our epic saga My Girlfriend Goes To Lou's. I hope you enjoyed it, despite the lack of ninjas. Please let me know if there is further interest in more installments of this series, following additional activities of Crystal's life such as: My Girlfriend Finds Cheap Gas in NJ or My Girlfriend Goes Shopping for New Socks or….actually, I'm being told that those will not be acceptable here on the Lou's blog and Crystal would be weirded out by me following her around with a notepad all day, so let's just say our goodbyes and move on. Hugs all around.   




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New York Tattoo - Mike from Huntington(Photo courtesy of Mike at Tattoo Lou’s Huntington)


Are you ready to really start showcasing those tattoos or piercings you’ve worked so hard on? Lets face it – when people walk in the shop, the first thing they want to see is some of your work. We’re willing to bet that if you had a kick-ass portfolio to show off your talent you would have… well, more work. The first thing you need to know is that it does not – repeat, DOES NOT – take a $5,000 camera to take a really great picture. Next time you finish a piercing or tattoo, try some of these techniques that will really add some professional kick to that portfolio:


–>Turn off that ridiculous flash! Use AVAILABLE light. Even cheap digital cameras have the button which looks like an arrow crossed out – don’t be afraid to disengage it. Lighting subjects with flash is much harder than lighting subjects without it (unless of course you are in a very dark environment). Don’t be afraid to take your customer outside if you need to or even place them under the brightest light in the shop. You will want to keep the camera as still as possible, so leaning the camera on the tattoo chair will help. If your camera has the option of changing the “ISO”, that will be helpful for taking pictures in lower light without the flash. Be careful not to raise it too much, as this will add noise to the photo! So play around with the setting on your camera and take some shots. We can guarantee these pictures will give your hard work more pop


–>Don’t feel like the photo on your camera is the final product? Well, this is 2011! Photoshop and other digital photo software programs are a dime a dozen. All bitmap software programs utilize a lot of the same techniques which will help to make your photos unique.


–>All digital photos need to be sharpened. Some more than others, so play with unsharp mask or the sharpen option on your software.


–>Colorful tattoos will always look better if you bump up the saturation. However, skin tones never look good with additional saturation, so don’t overdo it.


–>Crop your photos. People looking at your work do not want to see the mug on the person who got the tattoo. They want to see the TATTOO!


–>Remember: contrast, but not too much contrast. This knob will darken black areas and lighten light areas of a photo. This adjustment will give your tattoos a lot more pop, especially those black and grey pieces. Again, make sure you don’t overdo it. This is a destructive process and you will never be able to go back to the original unless you duplicate the file before you start to mess around with it.


What are YOUR tips and tricks for putting together a great portfolio?

Microdermals are one of the newest and most popular new piercings available! Microdermal jewelry allows you to wear a single gem or flat disc in many areas that were previously unsuitable for “regular” piercings. These small pieces of jewelry are inserted underneath your skin with as little effort as a regular piercing. Your skin adheres to the jewelry, stabilizing your piercing. Microdermals are a new and exciting way to get pierced! Check out the pictures below to see just how we do it! Now, seeing these piercings does not mean that you can pop a needle into your arm and stick some microdermal jewelry in it! Microdermals, as all piercings and tattoos, are best left up to the professionals. Tattoo Lou’s offers microdermals at all four of our shops so come on down and you’ll be walking out with some shiny new microdermals in no time! Check out this page for more information on this cool new piercing trend!


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