UNITED INK – FLIGHT 915  at the Cradle of Aviation Museum 

Cradle of Aviation Museum
Charles Lindbergh Blvd.
Garden City, NY 11530

September 11th-13th 2015

Friday 2pm-11pm
Saturday 12pm-11pm
Sunday 12pm-7pm View full article »

United Ink Tattoo Shows 2015

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We have TWO kick ass shows planned for 2015: United Ink “No Limits” at Resorts World Casino, NY and United Ink Flight 915 September 11th-13th at The Cradle Of Aviation Museum, Garden City, NY. View full article »

Watch this Video on Tattoo After Care


This video gives you the proper steps to tattoo aftercare. World famous tattoo artist and tattoo shop owner Lou Rubino breaks it all down for you.

Coming this summer, tattoo artists and fans finally have their Oscars, their Grammys, their very own Super Bowl.


The final weekend in July, the entire body art world will be blowing the roof off of Nassau Coliseum at United Ink, the biggest and best tattoo convention you have ever experienced, guaranteed!


Tattoo Lou's will be your host, and you've gotta check out who'll be coming to join us! We're talking:

Chris Torres – NY INK

Roman  Abrego – Best Ink

Shane Oneill – "Winner" of Ink Master

Dave Nestler – Internationally known Pin Up artist

Brandon Bond – International award winning artist

And so many, many more.


What else do we have for you? Try 150,000 square feet of pure mayham, featuring hundreds of tattoo artists and vendors from around the world, daily tattoo contests, and a live Art Fusion Gallery. Plus super sexy events like the Miss United Ink Pageant, hot after parties and the United Ink Awards Ceremony, where we will honor the best of the best in the body art scene.


How to make sure you're a part of history? Here's all you need to know:

When: July 27th-29th, 2012

What time: Friday 2pm-11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm, Sunday 12pm-7pm

Where: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island NY

Tickets: www.ticketmaster.com or at the Coliseum box office Mon-Fri 9-4pm. Tickets can also be purchased at the door. Kids under 12 get in FREE.

Go to www.newyorktattooshow.com for more info, and we'll see you there!










We love Scareltt Johansson. She's one of the hottest women in the world, she has her nose pierced, she complains about not getting naked in films, and now, she has a thing for us. New York, that is. Reports have it that Johansson, who seems to always say and do the perfect thing to increase her hottness to the point where scientists are attempting to measure her in Kelvin, has gone and gotten herself inked with a wrist design that includes the words "I (heart) NY." We (heart) you too, Scarlett. We….*sniff*….(heart) you too!


As for less hot and more annoying celebrities, Kathy Griffin is currently in a snit over her own ink, a tattooed wedding band. The problem, you see, is that she'sdivorced. Quoth the ever-delicate and eloquent Griffin:

"I have one tattoo on my whole body like an ***hole and it's a f***ing wedding ring and I'm divorced."

Indeed, Kathy Griffin; in f***ing deed.


Continuing our merciless slide down the celebrity food chain, singer, dancer and occasional woman beater Chris Brown has pierced his nose. If it weren't for Scarlett Johansson's similar adornment, we'd predict an instant downturn in the nasal piercing market.


Before we end up reporting on Carrot Top or Octomom, let's move away from the celebrity stories and focus instead on a Beacon News article that details the ongoing battle between tattoo shops and government regulation. The City of Aurora, Illinois Finance Committee is preparing to vote on a bill that would introduce new licensing requirements for tattoo shops. Area tattoo artists have submitted recommendations but the sides are in disagreement on some key issues, like the age artists can be licensed, and the hours shops are permitted to be open for business.



For the uninitiated, Tattoo Tuesday is a weekly blog feature where a single tattoo done by one of our staff the week prior is spotlighted. Here you’ll get to see a new tat and hear a little something from the artist responsible for creating it.


This Tuesday we take a look at a piece done by Nick from our West Babylon location.


His appointment was a first-time customer who brought in a reference picture of St. Michael that he wanted incorporated into a tattoo that would best compliment his other religious ink.


“I know he had more religious tattoos, so I’m guessing that he was religious,” said Nick. “He just came in and brought a picture of St. Michael and I drew something up for him and he liked it.”


The tattoo took up the whole side of the client’s leg, and being that this was a walk-in visit, the session was much more labor-intensive than usual, according to Nick.


“Usually people come in and they sit down and get smaller pieces, not as big as this one,” said the artist. “This was definitely a bigger piece, it was a four-and-a-half hour sitting.”


Drawing up the design took him roughly 45 minutes to do and since the reference picture was a poor quality print-out, Nick had to work from scratch, which he said was fun and somewhat challenging.


“To actually draw up something that he liked and make it look good on his leg and make everything work, I guess was the most challenging part,” said Nick.


When asked how he felt about the finished piece and whether there was anything that struck him about the design, Nick said:


“After it was done and I put in the white highlights everything sort of came to life, and the way it flowed on his leg, everything just worked out really well.”


Come see Nick at our West Babylon shop for a consultation and for more examples of his work, click here.

Article as seen in the New York Daily News

He boasts the Giants are “in my blood,” and now Long Island ironworker Jimmy (Giant Jim) Oliveira is wearing his Big Blue pride on his skin.

The 29-year-old football fanatic commemorated the team’s Super Bowl berth this week by getting his first tattoo ever — the word “Giants” in capital letters, underlined in red, on his right forearm.

“I’m the biggest Giants fan in the universe,” Oliveira, of Centereach, bellowed Tuesday as he visited Tattoo Lou’s parlor in Selden.

“This Giants team is one for the ages. Now it will live forever on my body,” he said, as tattoo artist Joel MacDonald, a Jets fan, finished inking him up.

Oliveira — wearing an Eli Manning No. 10 jersey, Giants Reebok sneakers, Giants socks and a new Giants’ NFC Conference champs hat — didn’t even wince as he got the 1-by-3 inch tat.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do my entire life,” he said. “After the pain the Giants endured, I can go through anything.”

The body art capped a day in which Oliveira learned he won two tickets to Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Feb. 5 in a Fathers.com online contest.

In an 86-second YouTube video his 7-year-old daughter, Gina Marie, entered for the contest, she vouched for her dad’s crazed allegiance to her and to the G-men.

“Every Sunday me and my Daddy go to church and then we get ready for the New York Giants game. It’s been our Sunday tradition ever since I was born,” Gina said in the video.

“We go crazy for the Giants,” Gina said. “Every year since I was 18 months old, daddy takes me to the first Giants game of the season. We eat, drink and breathe for the Big Blue.”

“When I heard I won those tickets I just began crying,” Oliveira said.

Of course he’s taking his daughter to the game, he said.

He predicted the Super Bowl will end the way the Giants’ last one did.

“I’m very confident we are going to win,” he said. “It’s been a great ride, but we’ve got to finish.”

via L.I. man’s a true blue Giants fan – now & forever – NY Daily News.

Local Resident Wins Contest And Gets A Free Giants Tattoo Thanks To Lou’s

The Giants victory over the 49ers last week generated a lot of excitement, and in lieu of the victors moving on to face the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Tattoo Lou’s decided to host a contest yesterday ensuring that select participants would get a free Giants-themed tattoo at our St. James location.

One of the two chosen winners was 29-year-old Centereach native Jimmy Oliveira who arrived promptly at the shop, sporting signature Giants’ apparel from head-to-toe.

Joel was there to administer the tattoo, and as it happens, both he and Jimmy have been friends for quite some time.

“My friend Joel let me know that he was gonna be here, he knows I’m a huge Giant fan, so I got all decked out and came down to help celebrate my team and support them,” said Oliveira.

Prior to winning the contest Oliveira had never gotten a single tattoo done, but viewed the experience in a positive light knowing that he would be letting his admiration show when he watches this year’s Super Bowl live from the stands, thanks to yet another contest he won, awarding him tickets to the game.

“It was great having Joel do it for me, he’s a good friend of mine, it’s really nice and something I’ll have forever,” said Oliveira after his session was over. “It’s just a great thing to look down upon and hopefully it brings me some good luck.”

After admiring his finished piece, the Giants fan stated that he was confident that his team would ‘come out with a win’ and that he sees himself getting more ink done in the future.

Oliveira was ultimately very happy with his treatment at Lou’s and the excitement he felt from winning our contest was palpable.

“It was great getting it [the tattoo], it didn’t hurt at all and I look forward to getting my next one,” he said. “The shop is very nice, it’s very beautiful. They’ve got good people, and a very friendly atmosphere here.”

For the uninitiated, Tattoo Tuesday is a weekly blog feature where a single tattoo done by one of our staff the week prior is spotlighted. Here you’ll get to see a new tat and hear a little something from the artist responsible for creating it.

This Tuesday we take a look at an interesting piece done by Andres from our St. James location.

Last week Andres tattooed Chris whose father, Mike, has been a client of our artist for roughly 10 years now.

As a tribute to his grandfather who served in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army, Chris received a first-rate treatment from Andres who incorporated other elements including planes and paratroopers to the patch design that ultimately served as the tattoo’s focal point.

“He did it because his grandpa was on the 82nd Airborne Division and that’s actually the same tattoo his father got, too. He got the same one,” said Andres.

Both father and son got the same design done by Andres, and while the process wasn’t difficult, our veteran tattoo artist stated that drawing a design always comes with its share of challenges and this piece was no different.

“They wanted the planes and the paratroopers jumping off the planes, but they wanted to keep it simple and they wanted to concentrate all the attention on the patch,” said Andres. “And, actually, the patch was the combination of three different ones, they had different parts of other patches, too.”

Chris’s session took about an hour-and-a-half and the same went for his dad-both of whom were very pleased with their new ink.

Come see Andres at our St. James shop for a consultation and for more examples of his work, click here.

Presenting the Best of Our Artists’ Work for the Week of Jan. 16

Today’s Monday Mashup showcases some excellent work from Andres Hurtado, Annabel, Chris, Gus, Jay Crutch, Joel, Sebastian and Vaughn. Enjoy!

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