Check out grabs getting tattooed by Andres of Tattoo Lou’s. Tattoo came out great and we look forward to seeing him back again soon..


Tattoo Lou’s and The NY Islanders Ink Deal



For the first time ever a professional NHL Hockey team has signed a partnership deal with a tattoo shop.That’s right,Tattoo Lou’s is now the official tattoo shop of the NY Islanders. The tabloids are eating this up and it seems like there is no end to it. From ESPN to Sports Illustrated, Newsday and MSN, everywhere you look it seems you‘ll find an article on the subject. Already this month we have done dozens of NY Islander tattoos from the basic logo to portraits of players. Even some of the players are coming down to the shop for some ink! “So far we have tattooed several players including Michael Grabner, Micheal Haley, Blake Comeau and assistant coach Scott Allen. We plan on inking the hell out of the whole team and every freakin’ fan!” says Mark (Tattoo Lou’s Marketing Director).


Tattoo Lou’s will be at select home games tattooing out of a custom made penalty box! We are offering many retail items for sale includ- ing but not limited to, Islander clothing and apparel,World Famous clothing, official Islander jewelry and regular body jewelry. In addition to being able to get tattooed or pierced at the Penalty Box, you will be able to select from a huge selection of temporary tattoos and airbrushed tattoos.The Penalty Box will be open roughly an hour before each game so come early and check us out! The Tattoo Lou’s “Ink Girls” will also be in the coliseum walking around and hanging out to take pictures with. For those of you who choose to get tattooed during the game you can enjoy it from our Penalty Box on closed circuit TV screens. Our artists are super versatile so don’t hesitate to ask for a custom piece, portrait, name, tribal, etc….Below you can check out some NY Islanders tattoos that we will be offer- ing as temporary or the ultimate commitment, real permanent tattoos. Also check out the list of games we will be at in 2011 and some recent tattoos of the players and fans.


Official List of Games Tattoo Lou’s will be at:


October 15th Islanders vs. Rangers

October 25th Islanders vs. Penguins

November 5th Islanders vs. Capitals

November 15th Islanders vs. Rangers

November 19th Islanders vs. Bruins

November 23rd Islanders vs. Flyers

November 25th Islanders vs. Devils

December 6th Islanders vs. Lightning

December 10th Islanders vs. Penguins

December 31st Islanders vs Oilers


Tattoo Lou’s on Air






Check out Tattoo Lous all over TV and online! Seems that every place you look articles are popping up in ESPN, News 12, AOL, MSN, Sports Illustrated, and more. Check out the Tattoo Lou’s Youtube for the videos and for “some” of the articles…


This month is Mayhem



This month we put the spotlight on an artist you may not even think of as an artist. He doesn’t pierce and he doesn’t tattoo. Can you guess….It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NOPE, it’s Mark MAYHEM the Tattoo Lou’s Marketing Director. All those fancy photo- graphs, flashy websites, night club appearances, coupons, and flyers are not made by themselves that’s for sure… So without further ado we turn the mic over to Mark for a few words….


Hi, my name is Mark, or to some people who know me best……Mayhem.They call me that because anyone who spends a day or two with me will say, “Holy crap, that guys all over the place!” It’s not because I’m disorganized, lazy, or mentally challenged. Its because I got so many ideas I have to start everything at once before I forget them, and prioritizing is no fun. So right now, I have about 25 projects going on for Tattoo Lou’s and none of them are finished…. Although I can tell you this, I’m getting there….Lol.


So how did I get involved with Tattoo Lou’s? I’ve been friends with Lou Jr. and Sr. since as far as I can remember. When I went to college for marketing I always admired how everything I learned, Lou pretty much wrote the book on. I can’t tell you how many people not only respect Lou as an extremely successful business man but also as a friend, father, family man, teacher…. and the list goes on. The Tattoo Lou’s business is one thing but the family behind it is as great as it gets! They do their best to not only grow the business but to also help as many people out as they can along the way. Lou once told me that the key to being successful is making sure each and every customer is satisfied no matter what it takes. I truly believe that he stands by that and I couldn’t ask for a better company to get involved with. So I took on the role as the “Mark”eting Director in hopes that everyone in the world will associate Tattoo Lou’s as being the KING of the tattoo industry. The way I look at it is like this, the team of artists, piercers, and managers that work for Tattoo Lou’s is the most talented, charismatic, loyal group of people I have ever met.The artists are great at what they do and they really are the backbone for all my marketing techniques. It makes my job much easier and I’m super proud of all the work the artists put out. We are a team, and I don’t think I speak out of line when I say, we are the BEST team of artists in the tattoo/piercing industry.


So what’s in store for Tattoo Lou’s in the next few weeks? I’m excited to announce that we will be launching the official Tattoo Lou’s Skin Shop which will be a huge online superstore for aftercare, piercings and clothing. We will also launch “The Vault” which is a giant collaboration of online tattoo’s categorized by popular genres. Incase you fell asleep for the past two weeks and haven’t heard about it already, the Tattoo Lou’s “Penalty Box” which will be an epic adventure into the NHL is blowing up like you wouldn’t believe! This is only the tip of the ice burg and I can’t wait to unveil even more ideas and ventures that we have been preparing for. I can honestly say that even though Tattoo Lou’s has been in business over 53 years, we are just starting out. I’ll finish my rant by making everyone reading this a promise,Today is the smallest Tattoo Lou’s will ever be……


At your next islander game check out the massive 30 foot banner wrapped around an entire wall at the coliseum. Tattoo power style!!!!!!!


This year, Tattoo Lou’s was a special guest at the New York Islanders’ Draft Party at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale. Irish Jay and Alecia were tattooing right on the rink—the crowd was so big, they could barely keep up with the ink! For those looking for a less permanent form of body art, Chris from Tattoo Lou’s was there doing body and face painting.


Islanders Assistant Coach Scott Allen stopped by the Huntington shop earlier in the week to get inked by New York’s best. Alecia gave Scott two great tattoos—the initials of his two daughters, and his own personal motto—“101% always”—tattooed on his ribs. His motto is important to both him and the Islanders, as it is a reminder to always do your best, no matter what. Want to meet Scott? Well, the man, when not on the ice, is busy riding his Harley, and he’ll be at the Tattoo Lou’s Second Annual Bike Run and Benefit! Have you bought your tickets yet?

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