The art of Tattooing has long been kept in the shadows of darkness. Daylight considered its culture to be a dark silhouette of society, sweeping the midnight alleys and silently dodging the neon glow of life.

This month Inked Republic smashed though dawn as we revolutionize the industry. The first of our retail clothing and permanent makeup stores is now open located in the Westfield Southshore Mall. Tattooing is an art and a lifestyle. When you make a decision to get inked your making a statement to the world about your struggles, and accomplishments. Your honoring a family member or permanently marking the soul with something that has weight and meaning in your life. You care about the art you wear and your part of a culture that goes beneath the skin.

Inked Republic is an extension of that culture. It’s a place that supports and extends your lifestyle of expression.

 Join the Revolution today and visit Inked Republic!

This holiday season, receive an additional $25 for every $100 gift card you purchase online or in stores.

You can buy the gift card online here.

It’s official! Tattoo Lou’s is  now opening in the Bayshore mall. The store will be called “Inked Republic, by Tattoo Lou’s.” Inked Republic will not only be the only “Mall” tattoo shop on Long Island, it will also be the largest! The store will not only have live tattooing and body piercing, it will also have many other retail items. Here is a list of some of the things your going to find in the Inked Republic:

Clothing from trendy manufacturers like Affliction, World Famous Inked Republic, Bullzeye, and many more.

-“The Tattoo Lou’s Skin Shop.”  This will include Long Island’s LARGEST selection of body piercing jewelry. You name, you can find it at the “Skin Shop”. Tons of navel jewelry (belly button rings), microdermal jewelry, eyebrow rings, studs, and much more. If you can stick it through your skin, we got it! Even the extreem piercing jewelry will be displayed for all the hardcore piercing enthusiasts.

Accessories like sunglasses, belts and buckles,  hats, wrist wraps and bracelets, all with a inked twist.

Unique Art made exclusively by the Tattoo Lou’s artists. Custom skateboards, hand drawn pictures, and customized artist apparel is just the beginning. These items will be one of a kind just like the tattoos they have done for over 50 years on people all around the world!

Inked Republic of the Bayshore mall will be open in January of 2012. We all look forward to the grand opening and we promise to bring our A game!




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