At Tattoo Lou’s, we operate at the highest level of safety possible for tattooing. Here in Suffolk County, NY, the Board of Health regulates all professional tattooing. In order to tattoo, each artist must be licensed, and each studio must be licensed. We pride ourselves on providing the safest tattoo experience possible for our customers. In order to help protect you, here’s what you as a customer should be looking out for when you get a tattoo. View full article »

A tattoo is a big commitment, and like anything in life, it comes with risks and rewards. Making the decision to get a tattoo is an important one, and choosing the perfect design is key to a lifetime of satisfaction. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect design for you:

1. A tattoo is forever

You can return or pawn a diamond. A tattoo is a much more permanent commitment. Sure, you can get it removed, but avoid the hassle and expense by getting it right the first time. Think about who you are, at the core of your being.  What about you will never change for the rest of your life? Experiences you’ve had, your name, your zodiac sign are all better choices than, say, a romantic partner’s name (Google: Johnny Depp), a cartoon character you are currently obsessed with or something else that could very well change.

2. How original are you?

Tattoo shops have “flash” designs that you can choose from. If you want your design to be totally original, design it yourself. Even if you can’t draw well, sketch something out to show to your artist and work with him or her to get it perfect. If you come in with ideas, your artist will work together with you to design something that you will absolutely love. Also stop down to the shop and jump on one of the “Virtual Tattoo” computers for a giant vault of tattoo flash ideas.

2. Choose your artist

Different artists excel with different styles. Review a potential artists work to see if  the style you are looking for is a match.  Look around before deciding which artist is right for you. You can bet that every artist at Tattoo Lou’s is great! Practice makes perfect and our artists have had  a ton of practice!

3. Select the proper canvas

Ask yourself if the area you want inked is a good fit for the design you want. Consult with your artist to see if you are making a smart choice, if your chosen tattoo will work on your arm, shoulder, abdomen or wherever you envision it.

4. Think of visibility issues

What job do you have? Would they judge you in your career path for having a visible tattoo? It might not be right for people to judge, but that doesn’t mean they won’t, so ask yourself if discretion is important for you.

5. Double  Triple check any foreign language characters

There are countless lists of tattoos featuring foreign words and characters that mean something ridiculous. Before getting that cool Asian symbol permanently inked on your arm, be sure you really, exactly, specifically, totally know what it translates to!!




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