Tattoo Lou MovieStaying with our Irish theme for Saint Patrick’s Day, Tattoo Lou’s Flick of the Month for March is the Irish cult classic Boondock Saints. Now, this movie is pretty polarizing: most either love it or they hate it! Well, we at Tattoo Lou’s love it! The plot is this: two Irish brothers (Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, who are both great in their roles) accidentally kill a few mafia thugs. Feeling their Irish Catholic guilt, they turn themselves into the police and are released as heroes. They see this as a calling by God to start cleansing the world of all the bad guys: murderers, drug dealers, and mafia members. A detective (the always great Willem DaFoe) is assigned to the rash of killings by the brothers, but the closer he gets to solving the crime, the question grows: are the brothers doing the right thing? This indie-movie-that-could proves that you don’t need a Michael Bay-sized budget to create a terrific action film! Although the movie is a bit violent, it’s not violence for violence’s sake – the gore is character driven, and it doesn’t overwhelm the plot of the film. The dark humor of the film adds a great spin to the film, as well. As the movie ends, the viewer is left with some serious questions: is the brothers’ killing spree justified? Should they be punished for their actions? If you like movies in the style of Quentin Tarrantino and Stanley Kubrick, Boondock Saints is a great pick! Put it on your Netflix queue – Tattoo Lou’s said so!

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