We have the all american girl pinup flash, but what about a girl with a bit of a darker side?





Pretty sick sleeve design! Gotta love the tradional style of the eagle and snake! This imagery doesnt even have  to work as just a sleeve piece but with a design like this you can get it anywhere!



Lets switch it up a bit. Here’s some extremely detailed imagery inspired by mythology. Anyone know how to say “awesome” in greek?


All I can say about this flash image is thank god for tattoos!


Here’s another new school design for you guys!



Saint Patty’s day is coming up! Thinking of a tat to show off your irish pride? Here’s some designs for you!


This piece of flash is our dedication to true New York Islanders fans! if you dont want the exact team logo as a tattoo here are some alterations of it!


You gotta admit, these tattoo designs are pretty sick!  not only is there amazing detailing that only the finest tattoo artists can handle but the image itself screams intensity!


Here’s something a lil more oriental with a whole lot of color!


Looking for something a little twisted for a tattoo? These flash images are only a few we have in our arsenal of kick a** flash!


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