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About Lou Jr.

Brought into tattooing from the womb, Lou Jr. has been around the industry his entire life. As a kid, he would hang around the tattoo parlor, staring at the artwork, drawing, coloring, and watching is dad, Lou Sr. Lou Jr. knew that one day, he too would be sitting in the same chair that his father sat in, tattooing customers on a regular basis. His dreams came true when Lou Sr. decided it was time to hand some tools of the trade over to his son. Lou Jr. knew he was lucky not only to have a teacher of such great talent, but to be able to practice on his dad's arms while he told Lou Jr. what to, and especially, what NOT to do. What a way to learn! Before you knew it, Lou Jr. had developed into one of the finest tattoo artists around. After traveling and working with many great artists, Lou Jr. began performing tattoos and conventions worldwide, gaining unbelievable recognition and awards of artistic merits. Lou Jr. truly is "the next generation" of Tattoo Lou's.

Tattoo Lou Jr.

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