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Microdermal Piercings on Long Island

Tattoo Lou's is long Islands number one source for Microdermal piercings and jewelry. Here's a list of our Suffolk County LI NY shops. For directions to anyone of our locations click HERE




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The Microdermal (Surface Piercing) Page....


If you have been searching for an online resource describing exactly what's involved with microdermal piercings you wound up on the right page. In the next 5 minutes you will be a microdermal pro, and hopefully come down to Tattoo Lou's to get one for yourself. Remember although the process of inserting a microdermal may sound easy, it is best to leave it up to the pros at Tattoo Lou's. The likelihood of infection, or serious injury can incur from not having proper piercing training. We would like to thank Kristine for performing the piercing for us, and Alecia for being our piercing victim for this article.


So what are Microdermals?


Microdermals are one of the newest and most popular new piercings available! Microdermal jewelry allows you to wear a single gem or flat disc in many areas that were previously unsuitable for "regular" piercings. These small pieces of jewelry are inserted underneath your skin with as little effort as a regular piercing. Your skin adheres to the jewelry, stabilizing your piercing. You can get a single microdermal even many to draw out a pattern. Microdermals can even be combined with tattoos making the ultimate piece of body art. Check out the column on the left for microdermals all performed at Tattoo Lou's.


So lets show you exactly how the PROS at Tattoo Lou's do a microdermal piercing..



Microdermal Jewelry comes in two pieces. The anchor and the jewel. Basically the anchor is what sits under the skin and keeps the piercing in place. At Tattoo Lou's not only do we offer a huge selection of microdermals, they are all constructed of the HIGHEST quality titanium (which is the safest to use for microdermals) and 100 percent MRI safe. Remember regardless of who pierces you, it is very important to always use safe and sterile jewelry. In general, all anchors are basically the same. What makes microdermal jewelry look different is the jewel screwed into the anchor post which can be changed to your liking. Below is a picture of what microdermal jewelry looks like. The two complete microdermals on the right illustrate two different size heads.


microdermal anchor





First we start by setting up our piercing station with the tools needed to perform a microdermal piercing.







We open our hemostats(pliers) and jewelry from our sterilized bags, put the piercing together and place it into the tip of the hemostats. Hemostats lock at a tight setting so that we can quickly have it ready to go when we need them.







Using alcohol we thoroughly clean the surface of the skin to keep the area free from dirt and bacteria.


wipe skin





Now that the area is fully cleaned, we mark the area using a piercing pen. After the mark is set we give the customer time to check out the placement and make sure they are completely satisfied with the location.


mark the area





Next we open our biopsy punch which is illustrated below. Biopsy punches are used to remove a circular piece of tissue from the body for medical purposes. At tattoo and piercing shops we use them to make skin look cool with microdermals. Notice the sharp round tip that gets inserted into skin. Depending on the size of the microdermal we use either a 1.5mm or 2mm sterile biopsy punch.


microdermal punch





To pierce the skin we begin by pinching the area around the mark we made using the thumb and index finger. We Then push the biopsy punch into the skin as shown. When we pull out the punch using a rotating motion, it takes a piece of tissue with it.







After the tissue is removed a small amount of blood should accumulate in the area. This is totally normal and if blood did not accumulate we would have a bigger problem.







Using a Q-Tip we clean the area to reveal the small open hole that we place the microdermal piercing into.


clean area





Using our hemostats with piercing locked into the tip, we place the microdermal with jewelry post into the skin using a swinging motion until it pops into place.


pierce it





Using another Q-Tip we clean any remaining blood from around the piercing.


piercing in place






The microdermal Piercing is now in place and looks great. It is normal for a small amount of blood to accumulate around the piercing. This will clot within the first hour and start to heal.


done microdermal





Finally we cover the microdermal piercing with a Band-aid to keep any foreign bacteria or dirt from getting into the piercing. This Completes the microdermal piercing and the whole process only took a few moments.


band aid




Aftercare for a microdermal is very similar to that of a regular piercing. Keep the Band-Aid on for 3 days removing only for showers and cleaning. Wash around the area of the piercing twice a day for 2 weeks using Antibacterial Unscented Dial Soap or a Salt/Saline mixture. Stones can be changed after microdermal is fully healed and options are almost endless. So come down to one of our Long Island shops today and pop a few of these shinny suckers in your skin.



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